Well the LS miata fixed and better than ever, but we crashed into each other 

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After fixing a major issue with the LS3 Miata that took us out of comp, we take the car down to a 3 day drift event to put it through it's paces, but we push a little too hard and wreck into each other. lol
Drone Footage Courtesy of @gh0stfpv on IG
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Milwauke Tool Die Grinder - amzn.to/2MoAQu9
Milwaukee Tool Headlamp - amzn.to/2xUWthH
Small Milwaukee Flood Light - amzn.to/2Sf39Ox
Milwaukee Tool Underhood Light - amzn.to/3f5K6jw
Milwaukee Tool Mid Torque 1/2" Impact(2861-20) amzn.to/3b1bqwG
Milwaukee Tool Stubby 3/8" Impact (Small Most Used Tool)- amzn.to/2Jdirid
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Mar 24, 2021




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Rod Knock Garage
Rod Knock Garage 11 days ago
Ben needs to make a sticker that says BUMP and put it on his door... good branding for his website😅
sirstatetheobvo 19 days ago
please get a 360 cam for your roof would make the footage look so much more cleaner from roof cam
joshua allinson
joshua allinson 20 days ago
use need to crash more often ben drove like a complete savage after, AWESOME!
Patrick Bowering
Patrick Bowering 21 day ago
listening to Ben hate drive it when he gets back out on track is amazing haha. on limiter for the whole transition.
Alexandre Magalhaes
Can you appreciate how Ben straight up drives the sh*t out of that car. Limiter bash never gets old
Josh C
Josh C 22 days ago
BodeVision custom job on your roof looks crazy on the drone cam!
Josh C
Josh C 22 days ago
Wow. Taylor very rarely ever spins his car while drifting, I've only seen that happen a handful of times.
imthefunny one
imthefunny one 23 days ago
You can really see the power increase when Taylor was chasing adam and ben was behind them.
duf 23 days ago
Still haven't changed the steering wheel in the fummins. Bad boy Taylor.
Nuttty5.0 23 days ago
2 ls miatas sliding is honestly so smooth.
Creeker 23 days ago
Ben ALWAYS goes soooo fucking hard on that rev limiter its awesome!!!!!!!
Tyler Burns
Tyler Burns 23 days ago
all drift footage should be drone footage
Camden Lake
Camden Lake 23 days ago
I know its a drift even but damn the drone operator lol I want a drone viewing the drone
Gh0st FPV
Gh0st FPV 23 days ago
Lol I actually have a bit of that
Jimmy Creedog
Jimmy Creedog 23 days ago
Watching Taylor drift while parked in Rocky Mountain National Park. Doesn't get much better than this.
Harley Williams
Harley Williams 23 days ago
Miss you and Adam drifting together
LordMustangGT93 23 days ago
Dude, get rid of the rest of your rubber lines. Do it right. You're half assin' it
WebbTV 23 days ago
is there a way to reverse the panning feature on your rear facing camera? it angles out away from the follow vehicle
Villain 23 days ago
Gotta respect a man who likes to live on limiter😭
Richard Harvey
Richard Harvey 23 days ago
Rubbins racing.
Dorsett Dorsett
Dorsett Dorsett 23 days ago
Ben isn't effn around anymore 😎 huh? P.s. that v8 bouncing off limiter like that just spectacular 👌
Jon Chalos
Jon Chalos 23 days ago
Those drone shots were so awesome!
Dylan Cunningham
Dylan Cunningham 23 days ago
Taylor your first run following that blue Miata was amazing. You were right on him😎👏🏼
Adriansitos623 23 days ago
Is that a GTO pedal? If it is, that is your problem not the throttle body.
Berats Builds
Berats Builds 23 days ago
Also big thanks to Gh0stfpv for the awesome chase footage
Berats Builds
Berats Builds 23 days ago
Duuude, Ben with the Rev limiter action. He probably put throttle on a switch or something
Joseph 23 days ago
Need that old school user for your helmet plz
Martita Sharlow
Martita Sharlow 24 days ago
Asking because I honestly have no idea how it all works, when you hit someone is there insurance? Do they send you the bill? Or do they just eat the repair cost themselves??
Lord Nork
Lord Nork 23 days ago
Just eat the repair bill....its why most grassroots guys go in cars they give zero fucks for...
Maybe a issue with the Terminator?
chuckiec09 24 days ago
That over shoulder view really shows off how smooth you are with all the inputs, awesome to see. Great video!
J&M MOTO 24 days ago
Should put a supercharger in the miata have It coming out the hood
J&M MOTO 24 days ago
The miata should get a dope vinyl wrap
Rico Freako
Rico Freako 24 days ago
seein two miatas gettin rowdy in a tandem off the bat... was just nasty... big motor small car =
Christopher Huber
Christopher Huber 24 days ago
Mr. Taylor your drift rocket was rippin it up. Great to get the issues sorted and go have a great time doing what you love. Or should I say 2nd love compared to fabrication work. Awesome on both planes
Seth Atwood
Seth Atwood 24 days ago
Ben is one of a my favorite people on youtube. I am retiring soon at 50 and moving to Florida to get in on this fun. edit- also happy your fuel issue seems gone.
Jim Mrizek
Jim Mrizek 24 days ago
Check your battery and alternator, sounds like a voltage spike
Rob Middleton
Rob Middleton 24 days ago
Can I ask a dumb question? What is grip in drifting? I thought they want to slide so why would they want grip?
Gh0st FPV
Gh0st FPV 24 days ago
As you make more power, you need more grip to compensate. When you have a car as light as a miata with an LS in it, that car is going to spin tires really fast, with grippy tires, he can do a faster drift and have more control over the the power of the car.
Edward Hammond
Edward Hammond 24 days ago
Bro you are good. Keep on keepin' on, diggin' the content
Pim S
Pim S 24 days ago
Would you look at those shop llights😎
j-theory the quantum mechanic
Hear me out, bumper drifting... Slap an inflatable ring around your car, full contact bumper drift battles..
Mick Grimes
Mick Grimes 24 days ago
you and ben drive so good together. you guys need to do matching liveries!
Gabriel Feldman Music
why turbo your silverado when you could turbo your miata? all i'm saying is that A turbo LS drift miata would be sick!!
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones 24 days ago
Drove down from Wisconsin for a vacation....was cool seeing all the US-firstrs I watched on a regular basis drift.
HatchieeOG 24 days ago
benny boy is a nutter
Alan Passmore
Alan Passmore 24 days ago
I wonder where Ben can get some used Miata parts from .😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
LUNCH BOX 24 days ago
Door tap full send edition lmao
Ed Smith
Ed Smith 24 days ago
Man I gotta say drive by wire sucks I hate it even in my stock camry
Martin Light
Martin Light 24 days ago
Would be a good pun if Ben's website was benusedmiataparts like, been used, instead of bensusedmiataparts
Mihail Petrovici
Mihail Petrovici 24 days ago
Maybe you will retune it? And make more power?🥺
TheRedEyedTerror 24 days ago
You and adam are amazing together must drift together more often!
Mr_naitsabes 24 days ago
I wanna see you try Adams chaser and him try the LS Miata
Wolf Party
Wolf Party 24 days ago
You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!!! You got your peanut butter in my chocolate!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mike Dove
Mike Dove 24 days ago
That exit is sketch
Mitchell Stepan
Mitchell Stepan 24 days ago
Still some of the sickest drone footage around!!!
OmicronCrackaLac 24 days ago
That top cam setup you had around the 7 Minute mark was sick!!! you should grab one of those insta360 cams for that location!!
Tyler Severin
Tyler Severin 24 days ago
Taylor the goat Fr
Hattmicks28 24 days ago
Man I dont know how I never noticed but bud I'd love to see you get a center cross rollbar on that cage 😳
Gh0st FPV
Gh0st FPV 24 days ago
Great video as always man. It was good seeing you, looking forward to the next event.
kyestar88 24 days ago
She sounds much healthier I am happy for you Taylor.
cody copeland
cody copeland 24 days ago
Seriously one of my favorite sounding cars out there. You just don't get to here very many NA LS with High horsepower anymore. Sounds soooooooo good.
Mark G.
Mark G. 24 days ago
mikdre 24 days ago
You don’t have to wear a fire suit while competing? That doesn’t seem very safe.
matt hill
matt hill 24 days ago
If you look up the meaning of the word hoonigan online it should show a picture of Ben's face along with the description 🤣🤣🤣
matt hill
matt hill 24 days ago
At least Ben got the door tap he wanted 🤣🤣
SilentKilla 24 days ago
Is it just my perception that the NA LS cars cant follow as tight/fast or is it just them playing it safe? The turbo car's seem to push forward mid drift compared to the LS's. I've no experience drifting but own an S14 that's mid LS conversion, genuine question.
10 minutes in, and I LOVE, how hard Ben just rips it on limiter! 🤣 He is absolutely killing it! Awesome driving as always from the both of you!
SkidMarkeyMark 24 days ago
Ben is absolutely killing it! Love to see you guys always pushing hard
DaleHi 24 days ago
Ben is a savage on the exit😂😂😂😂
Farrell Kantsos
Farrell Kantsos 24 days ago
it is running good i see
gullreefclub 24 days ago
I am surprised that you have not had more problems running E85 and having rubber lines in your fuel system. That said you can help eliminate the clogging of your injectors and slow down other fuel system problems if you drain (pump out) the E85 out of your fuel cell/tank after events and then dump a couple gallons of either pump gas or better yet racing fuel without alcohol in it. With regards to all your new intermittent drivability problems my first "educated 'W.A.G'" is you have a grounding problem(s). If I were you I would spend a couple few hours pinning out all of your "grounds" and confirm none of them have "high resistance" and that you are not having any voltage drop issues from your inputs. It only takes small voltage drop or high resistance or loose pin in a connector to start driving you nuts with intermittent drivability troubles which if you don't take the time and check your wiring harness carefully can cost you a lot of money changing out perfectly good parts with other perfectly good parts. I would also highly recommend thinking about buying a portable Oscilloscope because it is the best tools besides a high quality DVOM to trouble shoot and resolve drivability troubles. Personally I think there is only one brand of DVOM worth owning and that is Fluke not because cheaper meters are not accurate reading a voltage say in a house but because cheaper meters are not as responsive as Fluke DVOM's. A very responsive DVOM in the hans of a experienced mechanic can often be used to find a "dead spot" potentiometer type sensor.
Alienation xX_DeadAlien1_Xx
I would love to see a supercharger on the miata
13th Legionnaries Indiana
Ben slamming the limiter makes my ❤️ happy
Zach Fitzgerald
Zach Fitzgerald 24 days ago
The runs after the door crunch tho! OMG Ben was on a mission, love watching you two.
ItsME 24 days ago
Get a e30 318is the old looking extra small looking ones and ls swap em make it look stock and make it into a drift missile its gonna be sick cus its light and short just like the Miata so it dosent need alot of power to slide
Adam Hughes
Adam Hughes 24 days ago
Reliable: Mechanical Unreliable: Electrical
Wardimus Maximus
Wardimus Maximus 24 days ago
This drone footage is better than FD.
Gh0st FPV
Gh0st FPV 24 days ago
Lol not quite but thank you!
Rollermotive racing
Do you guys never consider wearing fire suits and shoes? And I date helmets with hans devices? It's cool to stay alive! 👍
Quints86 24 days ago
That drone operator is amazing !!
Jeffrey D
Jeffrey D 24 days ago
REV limiter life 🤙
RotaryFD 24 days ago
Nothing beats Ben and Taylor’s miatas banging rev limiter for days!
Jeremy Close
Jeremy Close 24 days ago
Taylor, you deserve so many more subscribers. You put out great content and you seem like a really cool guy to wrench on cars with. 🤘
Damian Hartigan
Damian Hartigan 24 days ago
Are you going to boost the miata. Turbo/s or supercharger?
Coy Here
Coy Here 24 days ago
11:01 first run back and the level of caare is back to nun...Louve it!!! ben!!
darrenbridget 24 days ago
Hahhaa all the people saying about the Limitr thats what it's there for use it and abuse it. Check out LIMITR on you tube I abuse. The Limitr
Dylan Newby
Dylan Newby 24 days ago
All that safety gear but no fire suit?? Plus that looks a fray on your seat belt..
The tps issues you are facing are exactly what I was dealing with yesterday. My sep 92mm dbw binds with engine vacuum applied. Works great otherwise
Aaron B
Aaron B 24 days ago
That drone pilot though... 🔥🤘😎👍🔥 Drifting must be an awesome sport to film drone footage for. Getting to basically do laps with the cars in FPV, close enough to get rubber on the lens even!
Shooter McGavin123
Shooter McGavin123 24 days ago
Making it look far too easy! Very smooth driving 👌
Baum Squad
Baum Squad 24 days ago
Look how much nicer Ben's bumper looks than yours. Please paint it! haha
John Smith
John Smith 24 days ago
Have to give it to you done well the last year all the best
Liex Pompex
Liex Pompex 24 days ago
Props to the drone pilot
Phil Dixon
Phil Dixon 24 days ago
Awesome tandems. And your car finally where you wanted it 🤙🏻 awesome
Motorpolly 24 days ago
Some new content would be nice. The miata drifting is getting a bit boring...sorry🤔
Foamdata Services
Foamdata Services 24 days ago
Cefiro build, shop upgrades and tow rig videos already this month. What more do you want?
Mick Holden
Mick Holden 24 days ago
That thing of Adams got some go
Mick Holden
Mick Holden 24 days ago
Ben needs a big bad engine like yours
Andrw 24 days ago
Holy shit my ears hurt from how loud ben’s car is
Ryan Holland
Ryan Holland 24 days ago
Ben is ripping hard man. After the door bump he just throws that Miata around like a rag doll. I'm a motorsports fan, not really a drift fan (Taylor is a smart dude and I watch his channel to learn) but I can appreciate a really wild shred. 👍👍👍 Limiter bashing with no remorse = Stress relief after the door bump Keep up the good work guys
Menacho's Media
Menacho's Media 24 days ago
Not sure if it’s my imagination but I can hear in the RPMs it sounds way smoother at high Rs
Blake McRae
Blake McRae 24 days ago
Ben should make a YT channel and call it Savage Ben
draggonhedd 24 days ago
You still gotta install those other handbrake handles fans sent you! If you didnt go with the stealth setup in the Cefiro i would say one would be great in that but i digress.
Shane Roberts
Shane Roberts 24 days ago
I fixed my ls400 clutch just to change the oil go for a test drive and some skids and it rod in knocked! Missed SBB sadly
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