Turbo K24 Nissan Cefiro build. Nicest work yet. 

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We get back to work on the K24a2 Swapped Nissan cefiro Build (ultimate street drift car build) and knock out a big fabrication project that comes out better than I could have hoped!
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Fronius Welder - www.fronius.com/en-us/usa/welding-technology/products/manual-welding/tig/magicwave/magicwave-230i
Tools Used
Milwaukee Bandsaw - amzn.to/2Zqn4OU With This Stand - amzn.to/3d5bqNv
Cheap Plasma Cutter - amzn.to/3hJdbS7
Milwauke Tool Die Grinder - amzn.to/2MoAQu9
Milwaukee Tool Headlamp - amzn.to/2xUWthH
Small Milwaukee Flood Light - amzn.to/2Sf39Ox
Milwaukee Tool Underhood Light - amzn.to/3f5K6jw
Milwaukee Tool Mid Torque 1/2" Impact(2861-20) amzn.to/3b1bqwG
Milwaukee Tool Stubby 3/8" Impact (Small Most Used Tool)- amzn.to/2Jdirid
Milwauke Tool 3/8" Ratchet (Life Changing) - amzn.to/2JcpQhy
Milwaukee Tool 1/4" Ratchet - amzn.to/35VZM41
Milwaukee Tool Ratchet Wrenches - amzn.to/2CYRFKz
M12 Drill/Driver - amzn.to/35QVZoR
M18 Drill/Driver - amzn.to/2p6WuKJ
Gearwrench 3/8 Socket Set Mid Length (Very Nice Sockets) - amzn.to/2VnbMHm
Gearwrench 3/8 Socket Set Deep - amzn.to/3b1pFBH
Multiprocess Welder - amzn.to/3g6y5dK
Drill Bits - amzn.to/3fc4DkZ
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Mar 29, 2021




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Saul Chase
Saul Chase 10 days ago
Dude great welding! Awesome to see πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
TKS Saturn
TKS Saturn 14 days ago
5:08 me when I lost my virginity last week
adventure Island
adventure Island 15 days ago
You need finer tooth blades for a tighter fit. Also when measuring always keep in mind blade thickness of the saw as well and your fit up will get better.
xempt. one
xempt. one 15 days ago
That downpipe is some of your best fab yet man. Makes me wonder why you didnt do the intercooler pipes in stainless, looks way tidier than aluminium welded pie cuts.
theflyingpenguin 16 days ago
The pie cuts look like flex tubing. Don't like it.
Senor Spaghette
Senor Spaghette 17 days ago
Maybe it's just me, or is anyone else concerned about the radiator and how custom it is? I thought for a street car you'd want the consumables and stuff very generic in case something like that breaks and you are away from home at a cruise or something like that. Either way the build is sick, just my 2c :)
Rob Shapiro
Rob Shapiro 17 days ago
Instead of Fucking with that ugly car why not fix the Miata properly. Right hand drive cars in America are useless. Not special
Ryan Olson
Ryan Olson 17 days ago
Taylor needs more subscribers.
tom mallory
tom mallory 17 days ago
I use the same welder at work there ok had a couple issues but not to bad
Bobby Sauer
Bobby Sauer 17 days ago
dude do u ever put in work jaheez
Mr Yep
Mr Yep 17 days ago
Hi . Show us some test drive with the cefiro
mytime racing
mytime racing 17 days ago
Nice work πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ Your wastegate pipe doesn't have to be anything elaborate, just go straight down with a 45 into that straight piece on your dump pipe ,won't affect flow much if at all πŸ‘ Your not going for 1000plus hp so it'd work well. All I'm doing with mine is plumbing it in maybe 200 mm behind the turbo which is how I've seen a lot of people do and they work perfectly fine, yeah if your chasing 1000hp+ then yeah flow would become an issue but on a 500hp build it'll be fine πŸ‘
reaction9449 17 days ago
When it comes to tacking that stuff up and it keeps falling apart before you can take it off and really tack it all good, you can take a marker and make a few marks around so if it does come apart you can just align the marks and tack. I’m a welder so I know all about stuff like that lol πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ€˜πŸ»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ­πŸ‘¨β€πŸ­
Gio BMX 17 days ago
Watching this being built is so awesome.
After midnight racing Chris
Why not just turn the east gate outlet to the 12 o’clock and have go strate up in to the down pipe that gona pass right over it ?
Joseph Voge
Joseph Voge 18 days ago
Do another lawn cutting video!!
Charlander 18 days ago
Can anyone tell me what intake manifold he's using? I'm K swapping a mustang so I'm looking for ideas.
Zerohourdrifts 17 days ago
A mustang? Damn lol what gen
JayinMI 18 days ago
What did you have prior to the Fronius?
Blake On the lake
Blake On the lake 18 days ago
do the rest in titanium
Marek Mika
Marek Mika 18 days ago
You sure like pie cuts and swirly exhaust T-Ray... That downpipe could be done soooo much simpler and easier with just mandrel bends. Don't get me wrong, It's a great work, but also very unnecessary.
Steve Dyer
Steve Dyer 18 days ago
We need a New England version Enough (Jibbah Jabbah ) Let's get to work hoodies .long-sleeved .tee shirts bumpah stickahs you know the works Taylor
Shimon Brebnor
Shimon Brebnor 18 days ago
You put a honda engine in it 🀨 u aint even look for a rb20 rb25 rb26 or a sr20?
XY Zebruh
XY Zebruh 18 days ago
Remember when SR swaps were the way to go
ThisGuyz Spot
ThisGuyz Spot 18 days ago
That's enough Jiber Jaber boys
Ethan Jaskulski
Ethan Jaskulski 18 days ago
Taylor, what is that piece of material you use to shield your hand?
Leo Driscoll
Leo Driscoll 18 days ago
Could you at some point show us the inside of the pipe on camera after it is welded? Also, could show us a comparison of two inside pipe welds, one having the pipe back purged with gas.
Alexander Fields
Alexander Fields 18 days ago
yabba dabba doo!
CP Steve Miller
CP Steve Miller 18 days ago
I'd have gone with a screamer pipe. I miss the sound they make. Run that right out the hood! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mike martinez
mike martinez 18 days ago
Where did you get the box of pie cuts?!
karles Ingvaldsen
karles Ingvaldsen 18 days ago
Try oval piping under the car
rocketscienceracing Turboking
Why not shift intercooler towards the turbo and use a sharper 90deg elbow. This would make it a straight shot from intercooler into the throttle body?
jankmaster 18 days ago
My goal these days is to make sure Taylor never catches me jibber jabbering.
J A Y D E E 18 days ago
14:18 you did something unforgivable...... your drinking coke instead of Dr.Pepper...
River Sharp
River Sharp 18 days ago
Hey bro I want that thing running and driving in 8 days you can doo it my man I..we have faith in you 8 days I hold a very high standard from you soon don't let's us down πŸ˜‚
The Life of Riley
The Life of Riley 18 days ago
I've been thinking of getting a welder. **Checks Fronius website to see what Taylor bought Well, I've been hearing good things about those flux cores from Harbor Freight...
Sylas Gissendaner
Sylas Gissendaner 18 days ago
Taylor no flex bellows on the down pipe? There’s a nice straight section right after your lower V-band for a flex pipe so you aren’t putting all the engine movement stress on the turbo manifold and exhaust etc.
Curtis Boorman
Curtis Boorman 18 days ago
Why can't you rotate the waste gate to exit almost straight into the down pipe?
BadBeaver 19 days ago
Hey Taylor, what brand v-band clamps do you use? Any tips for keeping them from warping? I used a Vibrant clamp on my exhaust and (admittedly i got it WAY to hot) when i tig welded it it warped real bad and it leaks.
GearWolf 91
GearWolf 91 19 days ago
I love everything you do bro! Only thing i keep thinking is if that intercooler were just a bit shorter you'd have saved yourself some pipe and it'd have come together smoother. Not hating promise you did an amazing job and you're killing it with this build keep it up!!!
Robert Conway
Robert Conway 19 days ago
What kind of music do you listen to while working and welding?!?
lowtoy 19 days ago
A tip for pie cuts is you need to make sure you cut 90 degrees on the pipe, the cold cut saw and when the pipe twists to cut on the band saw makes the angle a little off. If you push the pipe straight threw the band saw or an electric hack saw thingy and use a pre-bent j bend or u bend (that's an important part) at perfect 90s they will line up so much better when its time to weld. I'm sure you know all this, just putting out my thoughts LOL
Thank you JESUS
Thank you JESUS 19 days ago
Lol. He says jiber jaber 20 times a video these days
TheMarkedOffGalaxy 19 days ago
Siiick welding on the down pipe! πŸ‘πŸ½
Alex 19 days ago
Taylor "I'm jibber jabberin' on" Ray
BigMike012 19 days ago
I'm going to be a bit sad when this build is competed.
00Gizmo 19 days ago
Could have always cut the straight party into 1inch sections to keep the same look. It all looks fantastic either way though. Love this build.
Brad Boxshall
Brad Boxshall 19 days ago
Dude cut the straight pipe into straight cuts n weld them up so it looks like pie cuts heaps more work but heaps better looking
Rear Engine Shop
Rear Engine Shop 19 days ago
The welds turned out great! Looks awesome. I need to get a nice tig welder. πŸ€”
Charlie Christian
Charlie Christian 19 days ago
Favorite project yet, in thing is looking smoking hot, keep it up dude
IdLikeAnEvo 19 days ago
wouldddddd you loooookk at thatt ahaha, love the video man as alway's ! keep them coming , awesome work!
Justin B
Justin B 19 days ago
I love the choice of words lol...Every time i hear, "enough jibber jabber" i cant help but laugh!
Aaron Meloccaro
Aaron Meloccaro 19 days ago
Yeah, I was thinking that on your last vid. "Why isn't he using his saw?"
Jacob Harmon
Jacob Harmon 19 days ago
Looks awesome playa!!
Towlie Tuned
Towlie Tuned 19 days ago
Why don't you purge the pipe when you weld???
James Suman
James Suman 19 days ago
Be funny to see you cut in random "enough jibber jabberin" from old episodes πŸ˜…
John Murray
John Murray 19 days ago
Where is Sandy
Mandem 19 days ago
It's not your ability to cut... it's ---- oh there you go you actually have a cold-cut saw. Was about to suggest to try one haha
Kenneth Porst
Kenneth Porst 19 days ago
Taylor you should look up how to make pie cuts, to do it professional y
guido heeling
guido heeling 19 days ago
Taylor, i think polising the downpipe would be super cool, you could even do the wd40 trick to make it nice and gold. Grinding the polished stuff down is a waste i think, polisched stainless looks dope!You could polisch the intercooler pipes as well to make the welds more pretty!
justin brown
justin brown 19 days ago
for exhaust and clearence why not use some oval shaped exhaust piping. seen jimmy oaks use some it seems to work great for clearence
Patrik K
Patrik K 19 days ago
Not backpurging stainless, what are you Taylor, an amateur?!?!
fin screenname
fin screenname 19 days ago
You all do know you can pipe to an exhaust shop and they will bend it for you?
Toothless 19 days ago
Taylor the only thing I would say is wrap your down pipe as Cefiro's brake masters don't like heat as the pedal get real spongy.
SOULESS 19 days ago
1" light green 3m painters tape is the beez kneez for taping shit together. i tape exhausts together with it and it holds even after i tac shit together. lights on fire though lol
secretcitizen 19 days ago
The technical term for base metal fusing without a filler rod is called autogenous welding.
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 19 days ago
No back purge for stainless welding?
Brenden McIntyre
Brenden McIntyre 19 days ago
Why didn't you use filler rod on the entire dp?
aae42 19 days ago
it's amazing how much building cars is just plumbing... love your channel taylor, also love watching the skid factory, plumbing, plumbing and more plumbing, if it's not intake or exhaust it's fuel, wiring (plumbing for electrons?)...
Alex Gudding
Alex Gudding 19 days ago
You should backpurge your welds!! Inside that downpipe isnt pretty after them welds
Clabe Mchaffey
Clabe Mchaffey 19 days ago
I love watching you do fab work. Not many people take the time to do it right but you always do. Mad respect man.
Kevin Halliday
Kevin Halliday 19 days ago
hey Taylor, did youtube demonetise this video on you, because I got 4 ad interruptions in the First 8 minutes. I've stopped watching to post because its not like you and really ruins the flow of the video as it takes ages for the ads to load and your video to reload again each time πŸ€”
JimboSlice 19 days ago
Please put a heat barrier of some sort between the downpipe and the valve cover.
Buck Shot
Buck Shot 19 days ago
Made that downpipe massively complicated with the pie cuts and not fancy starting to back purge yet ?
Halid Ramzan
Halid Ramzan 19 days ago
I get so happy everytime I get a notification from Taylor!πŸ˜„
LsxWonton 19 days ago
What V bands to you use?
janhugo 19 days ago
You should name your Cefiro too "Jibber Jabber". ;)
gullreefclub 19 days ago
I just remembered I have a cold cut saw
Douglas Nixon
Douglas Nixon 19 days ago
Maybe build a little support bracket from the downpipe to bolt to the manifold flange. That's a long down pipe to hang off that turbo. Just don't wanna see your beautiful work break! πŸ€™
Korruptionen 19 days ago
I can't wait to hear this car come to life.
rico reci
rico reci 19 days ago
Let's hope the car will be ready for this Drift Week Edit: Drift Week 3 is coming up
Doug DiGiacomo
Doug DiGiacomo 19 days ago
Looks sick man! I would love to learn how to weld and fab like that
Redline TV
Redline TV 19 days ago
Take a drink every time Taylor says jibber jabberπŸ˜‚
Simon Allen
Simon Allen 19 days ago
This is turning out awesome!
Joe Runge
Joe Runge 19 days ago
You have to wear a cup when you weld? I thought that was only a baseball thing.
NoahDBoss 19 days ago
Just heat wrap the downpipe, hides the polish
Driftaholics101 19 days ago
Looks good man!!
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 19 days ago
Hey Taylor, great job with this build!! On my kswap im running a precision 6466 and the nuts that hold it on keep coming loose. Any Advice? I tried lock washers but now im stuck. Thanks!
kossmonaut 19 days ago
i feel like a smaller intercooler would look better and solve that piping
OmicronCrackaLac 19 days ago
Lmao at Blue pulling the GF around on the creeper, Love it!
Aaron Witchey
Aaron Witchey 19 days ago
Dude, watching you almost makes me emotional! You have worked sooooo hard and have come so far! Great job man, in everything. Your so inspiring to watch. Thank you!
Makaiwi Wachter
Makaiwi Wachter 19 days ago
For uniformity you could have cut the straight piece into straight pies then it wouldn’t be a weird piece of pipe right in the middle. Just an idea.
Bigbot Hoee
Bigbot Hoee 19 days ago
14.53 naked woman on right doing the dirty
Aideon 19 days ago
I enjoy seeing Little Guy hanging out watching you work. He's basically part of the shop family.
Manuel Atallah
Manuel Atallah 19 days ago
you know the one good thing w an exposed shop is the lighting is great during the day...
mikeyg 19 days ago
You should 3d print some pipe jigs for pie cuts
Bigbot Hoee
Bigbot Hoee 19 days ago
Looks like a few 45s and 90 would have done the job
Billy Beane
Billy Beane 19 days ago
You really should back purge your stainless doing that many pie cuts close together. Nobody wants brittle welds.
Duramax_LB7_6.6 _
Duramax_LB7_6.6 _ 19 days ago
Should have just done a Hood exit. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ
Daniel Davidson
Daniel Davidson 19 days ago
wow taylor welds look way better
Fleanard Nimoy
Fleanard Nimoy 19 days ago
Taylor has got so big he won’t make his own pie cuts lol This build is going to be sick. I love getting to watch you do all the welding, something I have always wanted to do.