RHD turbo K-series Cefiro pt.14 building the ultimate street drift car. 

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We knock out a lot of big projects on my Turbo K24A2 Nissan Cefiro build, and get it a lot closer to being finished up.
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Tools Used
Milwaukee Bandsaw - amzn.to/2Zqn4OU With This Stand - amzn.to/3d5bqNv
Cheap Plasma Cutter - amzn.to/3hJdbS7
Milwauke Tool Die Grinder - amzn.to/2MoAQu9
Milwaukee Tool Headlamp - amzn.to/2xUWthH
Small Milwaukee Flood Light - amzn.to/2Sf39Ox
Milwaukee Tool Underhood Light - amzn.to/3f5K6jw
Milwaukee Tool Mid Torque 1/2" Impact(2861-20) amzn.to/3b1bqwG
Milwaukee Tool Stubby 3/8" Impact (Small Most Used Tool)- amzn.to/2Jdirid
Milwauke Tool 3/8" Ratchet (Life Changing) - amzn.to/2JcpQhy
Milwaukee Tool 1/4" Ratchet - amzn.to/35VZM41
Milwaukee Tool Ratchet Wrenches - amzn.to/2CYRFKz
M12 Drill/Driver - amzn.to/35QVZoR
M18 Drill/Driver - amzn.to/2p6WuKJ
Gearwrench 3/8 Socket Set Mid Length (Very Nice Sockets) - amzn.to/2VnbMHm
Gearwrench 3/8 Socket Set Deep - amzn.to/3b1pFBH
Multiprocess Welder - amzn.to/3g6y5dK
Drill Bits - amzn.to/3fc4DkZ
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Jan 23, 2021




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Michael White
Michael White 13 days ago
Hey sorry to ask a question that I know is in one of your videos but I couldn’t find it. What belt grinder did you buy? The big blue belt grinder is the one I am asking about. I really dig your videos. My favorite car channel for sure.
An Old Man Plays
10:44 Glad you did that, I noticed it on the previous video and had the same concerns as you.
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
Yes you are your doing it great
itsmelemmy 2 months ago
Where can I get this e brake mechanism at? I want to try to install one in my Z !
Built By Kyle
Built By Kyle 2 months ago
This is sick man!
dwolf7 2 months ago
well........half a engine anyways
Kseries Em2
Kseries Em2 2 months ago
why not just get the ktuned alt/water pump kit
Andrew Willis
Andrew Willis 2 months ago
Quiz how many people know what an stands for in an lines
Rick Scott
Rick Scott 2 months ago
Great video, love how you explain everything as you go along. Always being so meticulous, which is so important. See you in the next video.😎👍💯
Chris Briggs
Chris Briggs 2 months ago
Hey Taylor what are you using to clean mating surfaces? Sounds like sandpaper
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin 2 months ago
what automatic center punch do you use?
L. Jenkins Esq. III
L. Jenkins Esq. III 2 months ago
T Ray killin it
Tom Patrick
Tom Patrick 2 months ago
Makita Corded? Last thing I thought I'd see on this channel 😂
dwayne powley
dwayne powley 2 months ago
Yo Taylor were is Sandy sands 🤔. Also loving this build, but I hate that cage
LordMustangGT93 2 months ago
bruh, get them gopro6 blacks or better, and have that 4K60fps. car porn looks so good then.
SolidSith 2 months ago
What in the Volkswagen is that steering wheel
Mike Douglas
Mike Douglas 2 months ago
This is getting my pumped to swap something decent into my C33 Laurel!
Taylor s
Taylor s 2 months ago
Maybe the habit of keeping all the old parts off the car nice comes from helping Ben?
William Davis
William Davis 2 months ago
New grinder!
Penny Fons
Penny Fons 2 months ago
I've never worked with AN lines before but couldn't you just use one of those handheld PVC cutters to cut it?
joel rubio
joel rubio 2 months ago
Which transmission are you using?
lml6.6 2 months ago
I think a good place for the fuel filter is under the hood too... Easy to get to and right before the important stuff.. Plus that looks to nice to hide under the car haha. Car is looking sweet though!!
lml6.6 2 months ago
I get the factory warrenty calls like 2 times a day! Lol
Lars Johansen
Lars Johansen 2 months ago
weston jones
weston jones 2 months ago
Buys commercial equipment, Home, JDM car, JDM engine, then swaps in USDM parts, also lives in the US . . . Flex fuel me up
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas 2 months ago
I just watched Jimmy oakes make aem lines & it worlds different from how you did it 😂 this is my favorite build from this channel
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas 2 months ago
"Im gonna torque that later" Mechanic's be like 😂
John Roberts
John Roberts 2 months ago
Great content thanks for sharing
Sean Lim Zi Xuan
Sean Lim Zi Xuan 2 months ago
This might be a dumb question but wouldn't it be easier to just get a USDM K series motor?
Pierson Willis
Pierson Willis 2 months ago
I miss the drift vette' - the OG 'street drifter' ? :) This thing looks dope though.
CRASH111 2 months ago
Greg 1247
Greg 1247 2 months ago
Drift cars for days
Tracey Gilles
Tracey Gilles 2 months ago
Hey Taylor I have a 1991 toyota celica gt and was wondering if you could help me find a gas tank for it since there SUPER rare and you have all these japanese cars it would mean a lot to me if you can answer back
xXIBON3ZIXx 2 months ago
Lmao. No financed car and still get those calls.
ToriiCadenaChannel 2 months ago
You make it look so easy! Inspiring to take on just a bit more. Good work!!!
John Moniz
John Moniz 2 months ago
Where u buy your AN line from and is it safe for E85?
Ryan Rich
Ryan Rich 2 months ago
Uses power drill as a hammer. Such a peasant 😂😂
lb9 GTA
lb9 GTA 2 months ago
You sure it's out of a JDM TSX and not a JDM Accord?
N H 2 months ago
Car stuff aside, you make seriously good videos. Your editing and camera work makes for very entertaining videos and the consistency you have between each upload is admirable. I applaud you Taylor.
adam0bt 2 months ago
the milwaukee m12 hammer
David Glasow
David Glasow 2 months ago
Could just switch the studs to bolts and it will com off without disassembling the whole thing.
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 2 months ago
Yeah I realized that while editing it. Lol
Korruptionen 2 months ago
G&G recently made a video that cars won't make you happy. That most youtubers make cars to get views, and I feel they are right, mostly. This channel is an exception to that rule, and I really appreciate Taylor's work and editing. I feel cars do make him happy and appreciate that he is sharing that joy.
Nik B
Nik B 2 months ago
Don't ever change, you're excitement is infectious and I love it
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 2 months ago
I’ve told myself before I need to do more builds that are view related than just what I want to build. But I always end up building what I want to build. And I love the process.
MumfieGoesTS 2 months ago
You should reinforce the bracket for the e brake. Looks to flexing alot
Nathan Peltier
Nathan Peltier 2 months ago
I love k swaps. Hopefully with the popularity of putting k series in rwd cars the after market support for doing it grows.
Martita Sharlow
Martita Sharlow 2 months ago
I don’t even work on cars but I’m addicted to your videos!
badtoy toy
badtoy toy 2 months ago
What is the make of your nutsert tool kit ?
Andrew Lang
Andrew Lang 2 months ago
I can’t say it enough. I recently subbed to your channel, and your material is top notch. The editing, the content, the subtle humour, everything is just enough. Love it, glad I found this channel.
Dan Bonnett
Dan Bonnett 2 months ago
Taylor, I'm not gonna tell you again. Wear a respirator when grinding aluminum etc!
MinesBetter 2 months ago
Maybe build a little plate to protect the fuel lines where you showed the frame had scraped? Like you have on the Miata. :)
Michael Sylvester
Michael Sylvester 2 months ago
Another good episode Mr Taylor Ray
thefinalroman 2 months ago
U should have changed the O-ring on the water pump bracket...
Justin Ozuna
Justin Ozuna 2 months ago
where did you get that cleaning attachment that was on your Milwaukee grinder?
Eli Herman
Eli Herman 2 months ago
You should 3d print a new tray that goes around the gktech hydro setup so you can use the compartment and it's even more hidden
Mike Brown
Mike Brown 2 months ago
You were the reason why I bought a porta-band and the stand for it(and the AHP tig) best 2 purchases yet. Will make work on my nova and K5 so much easier! (K5 is the tow rig and the nova is the drift/grip rig)🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Mike Brown
Mike Brown 2 months ago
@Taylor Ray if I can get done putting a LS in my K5 it will be...back injury slowing down Everything!🤷🏻‍♂️
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 2 months ago
Sounds like a sick combo!!
Fugazi Garage
Fugazi Garage 2 months ago
Hope you used a new O-Ring on the water pump housing, once they’re crushed they don’t seal well and normally leak. Coolant into oil/ Vice versa.
Dylan Moorman
Dylan Moorman 2 months ago
hey Taylor what wrenches / ratcheting wrenches do you recommend. Im between gearwrench and craftsman based on pricing and reviews i think
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 2 months ago
I have Milwaukee ones. I like them a lot because the open end has 4 sides with reliefs. So they’re almost like brake line wrenches. And they’re super nice. But I like gearwrench stuff a lot i have their sockets. Ratchets. And extensions. So I would suggest them if you’re not looking to spend the money on Milwaukee ones.
Said AlBalushi
Said AlBalushi 2 months ago
I love K series swaps and I love Cefiros, however when you combine the two? Its like having strawberry ice cream blended with a steak. Shit just don't click.
Dylan Willing
Dylan Willing 2 months ago
Do you find difficulties between drifting with rhd and lhd?
Berats Builds
Berats Builds 2 months ago
It's not only really good to watch but also gives you a lot of really handful Tips&Tricks :)
Bruce Carey
Bruce Carey 2 months ago
Fun Fact: Taylor says "so satisfying" while with his gf too ;)
Germain 2 months ago
Whether you read this or not- for what it's worth here are the things I like about how you run your channel: 1. You aren't asking me to like, subscribe, comment down below and click on the bell so I'm notified everytime you post a new video every 5 seconds, and you thank people for subscribing. 2. You're not shoving ads for some stupid game down my throat every single video. I can't remember the last ad. But it was relevant. It was like headphones or something. 3. I have no idea how you afford all this. Maybe it's sponsors, maybe it's youtube money. But you aren't waving all the money and free crap like every single other channel does. 4. You're a milwaukee guy, as am I. Cheers dude
Jacob Shelton
Jacob Shelton 2 months ago
I feel like Taylor should paint the shifter it sticks out a lot
Damian Fuller
Damian Fuller 2 months ago
Been watching a lot of your work and am massively impressed. You are a very talented engineer type person! Just subscribed. Thanks!
Marc Moore
Marc Moore 2 months ago
Taylor Ray the king of riv nuts!
David C
David C 2 months ago
Kind of new to this scene, where do these youtubers gain allow this knowledge? Did they go to school for this or just been doing since they were kids?
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith 2 months ago
Andre Clarke
Andre Clarke 2 months ago
loving this build
MR_ JZ_12
MR_ JZ_12 2 months ago
Fuel hanger is standard period JDM hanger. looks the same as the one that was on my aw11.
gullreefclub 2 months ago
While I agree with Taylor about hating to waste A/N-Line, I disagree agree with his methods of snaking your entire coil of line around when doing mock-up / line fabrication. Instead I have several different length and diameters of braided rope, garden hose, etc that match the size of the A/N-Line I am using that I use for mock-up to determine my line lengths. This allows me to cut my A/N-Line to length and blow/flush it out on the bench as well as install fittings whenever practical, determine clamp/hold-downs locations, placement of anti-chafing panels or grommets, etc. If you are cheap like me the junkyard is often your first stop for parts and flexible/semi-flexible plastic inner wheel lining are cheap and make great anti-chaffing panels and look good if you take you time and use CAD (Cardboard Assisted Design) and heat gun or torch if careful to shape them. Depending on the location etc I use bolts with washers, screws with finish-washers, or plastic buttons. Additionally on long easy to access runs when practical I prefer to use hard line wherever possible. While I know this means more fittings the cost is somewhat offset by the amount of A/N-Line not used as well as making for a more sanitary looking job.
Noah Dickerson
Noah Dickerson 2 months ago
Okay, so after the build is done, it would be so dope if Larry would feature Taylor and the Cefiro on an autofocus video!
Travis Nicolle
Travis Nicolle 2 months ago
Really enjoying this build. Loving the vids Taylor, keep up the good work.
Gap City Racing
Gap City Racing 2 months ago
Build a drag car!
STRONG HIGHBRID 2 months ago
I know this isn't related to this video but you should buy a S1 Sequentisl conversion for a T56 transmission. It cost if I remember correctly $120] but you can take it off and use it on another T56 car like a Corvette. I think it'd be worth it in the long run everyone I've seen that has the conversion says it doesn't require any fabrication and completely converts it to sequential from H-pattern and the transmission is able to take alot more abuse according to the people running it they say they shitt the hell out of the gears perfectly and quickly compared to before when they would occasionally misshift. I'm buying it when I buy my own C5/6 Corvette more like a C5 since I'm broke just barely was able to afford to hit myself a logitech g920 wheel juar need a shifter and handbrake but unable 4o use the USB handbrake on the xbox only my computer that barely downloaded dr ed Dirt cuz of how large the file is haha
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 2 months ago
Everyone I’ve seen try one ends up having issues and taking it off. Plus they’re like $1000-$1500.
Shaman O'Sarcasm
Shaman O'Sarcasm 2 months ago
Have you thought about a portable mini scaffold to access the car while its up in the air? Safer than a ladder and you wouldn't have to raise and lower the lift continuously....
Gary Vaughn
Gary Vaughn 2 months ago
What would you do with out power tools lol
spiderpig990 2 months ago
This is the sacred 300th comment
Dorifto_z31 2 months ago
Oh boi drift week cefiro I’m excited
Thomas Binder
Thomas Binder 2 months ago
Where can I get that adjustable an wrench?
kain0m 2 months ago
Hope you used submersible line for the pump connection in the top hat. Otherwise you're gonna have some weird fuel pressure issues in some time...
dylan loppie
dylan loppie 2 months ago
Why was the title of this video not, nonchalantly showing off my new shop shoes.
Destiny M. Kirchhofer
starting to hear bugs makes me really hope you get your shop closed in before the mosquitoes get bad! I hate working outside for that reason only
Garett Ferguson
Garett Ferguson 2 months ago
Everything you do is so proper, seeing the rivet nuts come out got me so excited. Just everything so nice and simple. Keep up the great work!
thedisposable 2 months ago
Are those loose wires that connected to old pump going to be an issue? Like being supplied with power?
Justin Kelly
Justin Kelly 2 months ago
Please take that death trap "roll cage" out of there.
Polkop90 2 months ago
7:18 anyone else here kitty :)
Brian Bucar
Brian Bucar 2 months ago
I know the youtube community has a fetish for AN lines for everything but sometimes quality rubber hose and ABA stainless EFI clamps are more than enough. My machinist told me 15 years ago to resist the AN addiction since he could have bought several vehicles with the money he spent on AN lines over the years. Hardline, hose and clamps have saved me thousands over the years. That said, love the videos Taylor Ray. :)
GUNT HEAD 2 months ago
This build is the best one currently on youtube no mucking around
Wolf Party
Wolf Party 2 months ago
Why don’t you reply to any of your fans comments???!!! Maaan, like really🤷🏻‍♂️. Love the channel, motivating even! But dude, not one ❤️ or a comment to show some live back to your subscribers!!! Such a downer!!! 😪🙏🏻❤️🔥👍🏻
GUNT HEAD 2 months ago
Dont use power tools to bolt the fuel hat on it'll strip those m5 nuts then you'll be fucked
THATSMY LAWN 2 months ago
what welder would you recommend for a beginner in the sub $1500? Ive been looking at the miller 215 multi matic and the hobart multi purpose.
Joshua Helton
Joshua Helton 2 months ago
scared to snap cable due to rubbing continues to pull E break
Jay Marleno
Jay Marleno 2 months ago
Why do you breathe like a moose
nowr2run 2 months ago
Very nice & clean setup MR. Ray, Your skills amaze me & how you have everything worked out. I wish I had half the smarts or skills you have, my Jeep needs so much work underneath living in the rust belt here in PA. So much stuff is rusted because of the damn salt, I've replaced a lot of stuff but rockers are rusted & a few small holes rusting in floor. I am no body man, don't own a welder ( OR KNOW HOW TO WELD ) so I'm at the mercy of someone else fixing it & THAT SUCKS.
Todd Olsen
Todd Olsen 2 months ago
how come you dont run an ali hardline?
Neff_F 2 months ago
If you ever need AN Fittings, Fuel line, Silicone Couplers, or even just aluminum piping and you want to support a small business/local business FINISH LINE FACTORY. It’s located in pompano, FL
TJ Greene
TJ Greene 2 months ago
TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!! When you gonna drop some hoodies/shirts, with your motto "ENOUGH JIBBER JABBER, LET'S GET TO WORK", lol. I'll buy 2 or 3 when you do brother!!! Love the channel, an you're truly a stand up guy, an hands down my favorite youtube channel. Keep doing big things man, an goodluck with everything!
Ian Rehn
Ian Rehn 2 months ago
T. Ray: *buys solid, reliable power drill* *uses it as a hammer*
Critical Event
Critical Event 2 months ago
Will you do Drift Week with this car?
W P 2 months ago
Would love to see Brent from PFI tune it
Bubba Brown
Bubba Brown 2 months ago
Im so glad you noticed that line rubbing... was gonna comment on it... but I wanted to see if you addressed it.... you definitely nipped that in the butt... awesome