RHD K24 Nissan Cefiro Build pt.18 The best work I've ever done. 

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We work on the V-mount radiator and intercooler setup, building a bunch of cool one off parts to make it all work perfectly. Easily the best fab work I've ever done. Came out great!
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Tools Used
Milwaukee Bandsaw - amzn.to/2Zqn4OU With This Stand - amzn.to/3d5bqNv
Cheap Plasma Cutter - amzn.to/3hJdbS7
Milwauke Tool Die Grinder - amzn.to/2MoAQu9
Milwaukee Tool Headlamp - amzn.to/2xUWthH
Small Milwaukee Flood Light - amzn.to/2Sf39Ox
Milwaukee Tool Underhood Light - amzn.to/3f5K6jw
Milwaukee Tool Mid Torque 1/2" Impact(2861-20) amzn.to/3b1bqwG
Milwaukee Tool Stubby 3/8" Impact (Small Most Used Tool)- amzn.to/2Jdirid
Milwauke Tool 3/8" Ratchet (Life Changing) - amzn.to/2JcpQhy
Milwaukee Tool 1/4" Ratchet - amzn.to/35VZM41
Milwaukee Tool Ratchet Wrenches - amzn.to/2CYRFKz
M12 Drill/Driver - amzn.to/35QVZoR
M18 Drill/Driver - amzn.to/2p6WuKJ
Gearwrench 3/8 Socket Set Mid Length (Very Nice Sockets) - amzn.to/2VnbMHm
Gearwrench 3/8 Socket Set Deep - amzn.to/3b1pFBH
Multiprocess Welder - amzn.to/3g6y5dK
Drill Bits - amzn.to/3fc4DkZ
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Feb 8, 2021




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4C’s Garage
4C’s Garage Month ago
Justyn Hargan
Justyn Hargan Month ago
Wish I could have this life style.
AUSTIN Month ago
lmao duuuuuude wtf were you thinking with that radiator cut and patch job?? you should have just cut a bench into the pipe so it covered the open side of the radiator without having to patch it with plate, which would have also allowed you to make use of more internal diameter of the pipe. ur fuckin killin me here
F S Month ago
23:36 story of my life
Zak Naqvi
Zak Naqvi Month ago
When school shits on you and now youve missed atleast 4 hours of taylors content 🥲
Ray Edward
Ray Edward Month ago
I really like your vids but it seems like i have seen all this before, or am I just loseing it.
EYEFLY82 Russell M
What belt sander is that ?
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
You doing it
Ant Banister
Ant Banister Month ago
someone may have already mentioned this. With the radiator stiff mounted to the chassis rails, wont body flex during drifting etc, split the core?
B K 2 months ago
12:10 Nice panties bruh
Joshua Howard-Mayr
Joshua Howard-Mayr 2 months ago
Hey man I’m from New Zealand love cefs was a bit annoyed about your motor choice but it’s growing in me good shit man!
Matt Rank
Matt Rank 2 months ago
Just some helpful tips and tricks, have you looked into Cleco fasteners? For lack of better explanation, these are removable rivets. I use these almost daily in my line of work, these assist in clamping pieces in place during mock up of mounts, panels etc. I know jegs sells them ( part number 555-80406) with the pliers or various other companies sell them in singles so you can buy in bulk. Hope you find these helpful!
mry82 2 months ago
Daft Punk? This is such a cool build.
ASHINE001 2 months ago
Nice work : I’m assuming weight isn’t an issue with you for this build
Mike TW
Mike TW 2 months ago
I'd be soo angry if someone hit the front of the car and damaged the radiator. Just knowing how much time and effort has gone into simply making the radiator and mounts not to mention everything else that has gone into the build so far.
TR Johnson
TR Johnson 2 months ago
2 full videos on 1 radiator... come on man, you’re better than this...
soulzdragon 2 months ago
Nice built, i really want to see more content on pulsar as well
RFB CEFFY 2 months ago
Poor Cefiro!
Iggy Trendz
Iggy Trendz 2 months ago
Lol nice . This one hits Deltona 100% lol
Dale Perks
Dale Perks 2 months ago
Should there be some rubber between the frame and rad support , intercooler and rad and intercooler to frame?
Geoffrey Adams
Geoffrey Adams 2 months ago
Time to spring for a Furick bead roller?
Will Powell
Will Powell 2 months ago
Most boating stores sell various sizes of suction hose by the foot great stuff for making your own hoses especially in a pinch
Tim Koistinen
Tim Koistinen 2 months ago
Great build Taylor. Really good to see all the effort put into the build. I would suggest maybe having the v mount with some rubber mounts to stop any vibration cracking the alloy mounts.
slipknotic2682 2 months ago
This looks sick. Definitely one of the best looking engine bays I've seen in a while. Vip status for sure. And the way you set up the intercooler and radiator so they don't get heatsoaked but still look wicked was 200iq. You are without a doubt my favorite youtube car channel. Big up by dude.
seancleary1985 2 months ago
Awesome setup, still need a pillar drill though!
Jesse JessMyster
Jesse JessMyster 2 months ago
need some rubber mounts for that rad somewhere.
Webb Olson
Webb Olson 2 months ago
I heard rain in the background and that's how I know Taylor lives down the street.
Toby de Young
Toby de Young 2 months ago
20:55, Alu-mini-um. Proud of you my friend! ☺️👍🏼
Boris Diamond
Boris Diamond 2 months ago
Awesome work, what happens if you bust the radiator or intercooler however? Will be a lot of fab work to replace, are there no oem off the shelf parts that fit with minimal modification?
Bald Paul
Bald Paul 2 months ago
I would have thought a drill press would be higher priority than a bead roller! Nice fabrication, well executed.
Everett Newton
Everett Newton 2 months ago
Search DIY bead roller on imgur. Works great and costs like $40 to build.
Everett Newton
Everett Newton 2 months ago
Chris Briggs
Chris Briggs 2 months ago
Get a pistol grip rivnut tool!
Caynn Fittler
Caynn Fittler 2 months ago
Definitely do a Honda boy exhaust and go straight out the hood
indemiks 2 months ago
If only I had a Taylor ray discount for my Mishimoto rad I just bought
Pancakes Entertainment
I wish he uploaded more often but I understand. Can't wait to see the next video haha
Nicholas Speke
Nicholas Speke 2 months ago
Why not make a turbo inlet feed from the centre of the V? Before it goes through the rad and intercooler
Michael Dick
Michael Dick 2 months ago
Has anyone else done this swap in this car before or is it a first.
Albert Cox
Albert Cox 2 months ago
Nice fab work ......,.where did you get the vertical sander it is awesome
Jason Lesage
Jason Lesage 2 months ago
If I had an 1/8 of your skill and talent I would feel blessed. Amazing fab work bro!
Metal Fruttolo
Metal Fruttolo 2 months ago
Taylor: Owns insane amount of specific tools Also Taylor: A pillar drill? Hell naw 😂
punkgar101 2 months ago
Can we just take a moment and appreciate how safety oriented this man is. Got to love it!
Socal_ D21
Socal_ D21 2 months ago
Carlos Arroyo
Carlos Arroyo 2 months ago
I hate 30 min videos.... but I always feel like there perfect with how you show your work. Bravo
Speed Academy
Speed Academy 2 months ago
Awesome work Taylor! Check out this video for some great ducting advice: us-first.info/player/video/fNOilpaneqtnaKc.html
Mathew Barry
Mathew Barry 2 months ago
Just watching your content after hitting a wall doing a turbo diesel swap on my hiace van! Having all sorts of wiring issues, and using you as inspiration 😅
Brett 2 months ago
Why not use soft mounts that can tear? whats going to happen if you have the smallest of taps on the front end? Even chassis flex? just hope it doesn't cause you a bad day...
Brandon Peoples
Brandon Peoples 2 months ago
Thats awesome. Hows the cheapest plasma cutter from amazon doing? Still operating? Inquiring minds would like to know.
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 2 months ago
Still works like a champ. I just don’t use it all that much.
Shane James McCann
Shane James McCann 2 months ago
I just wanna hear the first start!!!
Cory Halvorson
Cory Halvorson 2 months ago
When you sand aluminum, spray the belt with a little oil, it'll keep the sand from getting clogged up as quick
joe blessing
joe blessing 2 months ago
Taylor is outside in a T-shirt working on his car, meanwhile I'm in Missouri in 18°F weather freezing my ass off. I'm moving to Florida lol
Benja Poupin
Benja Poupin 2 months ago
Anyone else get slightly reminded of seth rogen with taylor? 😂😂😂
Rigoberto Fernandez
Rigoberto Fernandez 2 months ago
Yo Taylor be bumping tho. Max volume in them headphones😂😂😂
Κωνσταντίνος Φερλεμης
he is not a little guy, he is a bigtail.
JackoTJK 2 months ago
OK what's the advantage if any to that mounting system for the radiator and intercooler?
Tommy Betts
Tommy Betts 2 months ago
I literally can accomplish nothing all day at work and watch one of your videos and get the biggest feeling of accomplishment for doing absolutely nothing. It's insane but I love it lmao.
Not gonna lie, I don’t understand how this is a better option than the AN setup. I feel like those welded pipes could fail too and that’ll be harder to fix than to keep a surplus of AN lines with you.
Fairweather Hobbyist
You need to make yourself a welding third hand!
D33p Six
D33p Six 2 months ago
Taylor: I just prefer to have the thicker rod. Me: 😁
Mihail Dikov
Mihail Dikov 2 months ago
Having threads is not a good idea. They strip pretty easy. Better drill out bigger hole and put a nice high quality insert thread. ( speaking for the Inter-cooler support bolting up to the aluminum blocks to the radiator.). Are you making any bumper ducting to the V mount setup, mean have you planned already something, just curious of the design?
Shinji Ikari
Shinji Ikari 2 months ago
Best "car enthusiast youtuber" EVER!!! No doubts... Love all of your projects but i'm falling for this one 😍 wish i can see this cefiro as a vip/daily drifter 😅🔥💘
Richy Kay
Richy Kay 2 months ago
Tip from the Pro's Taylor; Buy a damn Drill Press; www.harborfreight.com/10-in-12-speed-bench-drill-press-63471.html. Hand drilling is just bad practice unless absolutely required by space issues. And get some of these; www.harborfreight.com/3-piece-titanium-nitride-coated-high-speed-steel-step-drills-91616.html.
Revo900 2 months ago
What’s more soothing at 2am on US-first? A man building an amazing building out of sticks and mud in the Vietnam forest OR Taylor fabricating with rainfall in the background?
sNiiPeZ_03 2 months ago
You have a plasma cutter, yet you still use things like a jigsaw to cut parts...
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 2 months ago
Jigsaw is a much cleaner cut on aluminum.
Dayle Grady
Dayle Grady 2 months ago
So this is a street car hey...
Trent Crompton
Trent Crompton 2 months ago
I think you’re the first yank I’ve heard pronounce aluminium correctly 😂
mikeTECH 2 months ago
friggin love your build videos man! so much fun! feels like im in the shop with you ... ps: your link in the description isnt blue
Eoin Keith-Hunter
Eoin Keith-Hunter 2 months ago
Omg please just buy a drill press.
mikeTECH 2 months ago
i love woodworking the same way you love fab work. same process just different materials. 🤘🏽
Kyle Fergus
Kyle Fergus 2 months ago
@TaylorRay watch some @boostedlifestyle he uses some channel lock wire crimp pliers to make some bead rolls ive use them myself wirk pretty well when you can't fit the material in the bead roller. I prefer this roll over a bead of weld
Jonathan Medina
Jonathan Medina 2 months ago
The progression we have all got to witness is amazing, I miss bens shop, but your doing things better and more efficient now! Can’t wait to see what the next 2 years bring!
Alex Richmond
Alex Richmond 2 months ago
IdLikeAnEvo 2 months ago
awesome work man , love it !!
QuinnRogers 2 months ago
You make a pocket tee with just your logo on a tag on the pocket with a logo on back ill buy 10 lmao pocket tees are life
Cody Garman
Cody Garman 2 months ago
I have a question, won't the heat from the radiator heat soak the intercooler? being a fabricator myself I've learned the aluminum is very well at absorbing heat, I'm not here to be an A-hole I'm just genuinely asking a question 🤷
Shane Duncan
Shane Duncan 2 months ago
Very nice work. An S2000 upper rad hose may have worked for you, but where is the fun in that.
Know Bull5hit
Know Bull5hit 2 months ago
Love the way this build is going man. Cant wait to see it rip
shivan sahadeo
shivan sahadeo 2 months ago
I blew on my phone at 13:11 for the chips that were on the vice 😂😭
Oliver Duenas
Oliver Duenas 2 months ago
Worried about finding hoses while broken down on the side of the road but that radiator is actually a one off piece lol. It’s not like he’s sliding around and possibly could run into other things lol
Kelly Sandford
Kelly Sandford 2 months ago
8:27 Brackets are on the wrong side Taylor!! 8:38 You got this lol
Isaac Berry
Isaac Berry 2 months ago
Your tools are so dope
Drd 2 months ago
Loving this build, it's a neat car and a good engine that can take a lot of a abuse when built right (which you do seem to be doing). Only concern, are the rad and intercooler going to be ok with hard mounting like that? I know you want it to be reliable, and ally does have a tendency to fatigue. That rad isn't going anywhere, but is the intercooler mounting to the top of the rad going to be alright? Would be tempted to put some rubber washers on all the intercooler mounts to absorb a little vibration for a little peace of mind.
Jake P
Jake P 2 months ago
Taylor, as a 15 yr career machinist I'm begging you; please dont wear gloves around rotating equipment. That sander would seem like something to wear gloves like that with but if anything gets caught between the belt and wheels from your glove it will pull you in. And the way you talk about wanting a lathe and mill I wanted to clear that bad habit up now. Would love to teach you the basics on machining when you get your equipment
Jay Good
Jay Good 2 months ago
.... I miss sandy😕😕😕😕
Cathal McCullagh
Cathal McCullagh 2 months ago
The effort put into getting all the different shots in this video is why Taylor’s content is some of the best that I watch. Thanks Taylor!! 👏🏻
Jonathan Weimane
Jonathan Weimane 2 months ago
I would also prefer to have the thicker rod
Alexander 2 months ago
Greetings o/ Is that the Milwaukee BS 125 deep cut band saw you've got there? Does it come with a working table or is it handmade? Also, how comes there's SO MUCH SPACE under the hood? It's even spacier than with an SR20 engine I guess. Or is it due to the lack of wiring/hoses?.. Awesome build, can't wait to see it rip&tear :)
Alexander 2 months ago
@john somethin oh, thanks a lot! never payed attention to video descriptions before well, yea. cefiro's usually come with an RB motor, but pictures of their engine bays with sr20 still look way more 'crowded' than Taylor's :)
john somethin
john somethin 2 months ago
it's a portable with a mount. link to the base is normally in his description. the car came stock with a straight 6. so 4 leaves a lot of room
morpheus01736 2 months ago
You should turn the intercooler to be the turbo inlet air-filter-box combo so the air coming through the intercooler, also feeds into the intake
morpheus01736 2 months ago
eh, na that wouldn't flow enough to cool the intercooler nvm
clemsonjeep1 2 months ago
Taylor...the bead former you were using was the one made for 3/8" OD tubing with a minimal wall thickness. They have additional models that are suited for larger tubing. I'd imagine the parts on the one you got just weren't made for what you used them for. I think with your love of fabrication you should build your own using bead rolling dies. Wouldn't be that hard and would definitely be worth the effort!
Eric H
Eric H 2 months ago
I feel like I can speak for a lot of us in saying I can relate to being in a situation where I wish I had a thicker rod.
Noah Kachadurian
Noah Kachadurian 2 months ago
are you going to be making a shroud for your v mount set up
Dean R
Dean R 2 months ago
Little concerned about the radiator. I feel like your bottlenecking the capacity/flow of the port
irving silva
irving silva 2 months ago
Don’t you think with chassis twisting and flexing your radiator will crack
Gary Meola, Jr.
Gary Meola, Jr. 2 months ago
Sick fab work Taylor 🤙🏻💪🏻 Keep up the amazing work! Can not wait to see this build in person some day.
Logan Carlyle
Logan Carlyle 2 months ago
Who makes that belt sander?
Josh Brooke
Josh Brooke 2 months ago
Holley crap bro your Milwaukee has a jelly fish launcher ?
kripstoe 2 months ago
Some Project Blinky level braketery going on here
Kevin Backer
Kevin Backer 2 months ago
I'd really recommend some kind of bushing for the radiator and intercooler mounting points. Something to deal with the flex and vibration
S M 2 months ago
Taylor better start ordering a spare radiator for as long as it takes to fab up. Can't be too prepared.
Kenneth Atchley
Kenneth Atchley 2 months ago
Put two 3/32 in the vice and the other end of the rod in a drill and twist them together it works💯👍
Reignited - Cycle and Automotive
Interesting concept, I might have to try it. 👍
RH2RACING 2 months ago
What about updating on the garage enclosure?