Mega Shop Upgrade. Tying it all together and putting it to work! (and more new equipment..) 

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We finish up or shop equipment upgrade by getting all our wiring and hard air lines done, the putting the new stuff to use, as well as getting more equipment, and upgrading some old stuff!
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Wood glue - amzn.to/35obgP9
Leader hose - amzn.to/39hVBC6
Hose reel - amzn.to/2JV69yq
Tools Used
Milwaukee Bandsaw - amzn.to/2Zqn4OU With This Stand - amzn.to/3d5bqNv
Cheap Plasma Cutter - amzn.to/3hJdbS7
Milwauke Tool Die Grinder - amzn.to/2MoAQu9
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Small Milwaukee Flood Light - amzn.to/2Sf39Ox
Milwaukee Tool Underhood Light - amzn.to/3f5K6jw
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Jan 8, 2021




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Nicholas Chaffeur
Nicholas Chaffeur 11 days ago
I love your channel man, but for gods sake. Turn your channel locks around when you bust those bad boys out. Thank me later.
JT_Pro Month ago
another trick for getting the tire off when it gets stuck at that in-between stage is to spin the wheel while pulling up on the bottom bead with a tire iron.
Sean Hollway
Sean Hollway Month ago
U might need cameras in your work shop just in case
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
Yes your doing it your a worker
Tyler Moore
Tyler Moore 2 months ago
@TaylorRay how is the mdf top seal holding up after some work being done on them?
David Cook
David Cook 2 months ago
Hi builder from uk Water the pva down 1 to 1 makes it easier to spread does same job aswell
Thomas G
Thomas G 3 months ago
You should build a ladder on the side of that so you don’t have to get a ladder out or make stairs
Dominic M
Dominic M 3 months ago
Look at you buying so many new toys. Looks like hard work is paying off. Really stoked to see your dream shop come together. That wood glue trick is amazing, gonna have to try it out.
Brennen Bogue
Brennen Bogue 3 months ago
Glue must be the way my grandpa was an old mechanic and metal worker and in his basement all of the benches are coated in wood glue
nortious maximus
nortious maximus 3 months ago
workshop storage, filing cabinets, one whole wall in my small shop is lined with filing cabinets, they take an amazing amount of weight per drawer, pull all the way out, so you have access to everything in them. often they a free, well, i only get them when they are free. my favorite ones are 3 feet wide, l have a plywood board that fits in when fully open, to be an extra bench, when my six year old son comes out to work with daddy, i put the plywood down on a lower drawer, and he has a bench at his height. filing cabinets, don't knock them until you have tried them, keep up the good work. tell us about the stand for your porta band saw, l'm looking for one.
jimmy vahviala
jimmy vahviala 3 months ago
gonna be a nice shop when done! better than my shed already actually haha
MatsSvensson62 3 months ago
Why use a pliers ? Why don't use a proper wrench?? And why didn't you tee of right away under the roof??
Alex Terrel
Alex Terrel 3 months ago
I hate to be that guy, but I really hope Taylor has a full med kit stocked in his shop! Accidents can happen quick and if your alone the seconds matter more than ever!
ErvilhaGeorge 3 months ago
I love these shop upgrade videos!
Eluder Racing
Eluder Racing 3 months ago
how is the durability of the glue on top of the bench? does it crack or gauge easily?
Jason Swift
Jason Swift 3 months ago
Bendpak is shit! should have got a rotary lift.
Kees jenkins
Kees jenkins 3 months ago
Being a professional air compressor tech I have used that stuff and its not to bad, I helped a buddy install it in his shed but its for sure no Transair tho. For a shop its sweet, I didnt like that you have to try and make it as straight as you can and then its never really that straight.
JimeneX 3 months ago
some oem Toyota wheels i have to do the same process to take of the tire its a pain
MyMind 3 months ago
Have you seen the touchless ranger tire machine?
Nathan Platt
Nathan Platt 3 months ago
You should remove that threshold plate in the man door so you can roll things back and forth between the two different areas of your shop without having to go over it
Tory M Blue
Tory M Blue 3 months ago
hahah was saying. what about your dryer :)
Skyler Hayes
Skyler Hayes 3 months ago
Run a loop from the compressor on the wall before the regulator to make it 25 foot. It will be like a condensing line to cool the air then the water separater will work to its best ability.
Celiturbo 3 months ago
You need hydraulic lift cart to round out the equipment buy. I was hesitant at the expense but the thing gets used constantly, save your back! Also makes a nice welding/grinding table to take outside, keep all that smoke and dust out of the shop.
Celiturbo 3 months ago
Put a regulator with condensation trap at each drop, that baby line and tiny fitting wont flow demand when you are regulating the supply. $20-25/ea on amazon get 3/4" regulators and reduce it, flows way more cfm than 1/2" ones. If you want to run any high demand tools well, large impact, air sanders, sandblaster, ect then the above is really not optional. What you have going there is like putting a 20mm restricter on a 60mm throttle body. Also the 90's and other fittings are a huge restriction, avoid them as much as possible. Wouldnt put a lot of faith in the water traps either, its fine for tools but inviting trouble with painting / powder coating, or running a blasting cabinet. Might still give a plasma cutter some issues also. An air dryer is a refrigeration unit that lowers the compressed air below its dew point.
Matt B
Matt B 3 months ago
he jumped when the first tire beaded that's why its edited lmao
Quentin Evans
Quentin Evans 3 months ago
What kind of tires are those ? That got mounted
wobbly sauce
wobbly sauce 3 months ago
Nice, you did the worktop, and if anything happens you just use more glue.
angel casillas
angel casillas 3 months ago
Man Taylor is selling the dream with a personal shop πŸ™ŒπŸ» starting a list right now!
Nick Pohl
Nick Pohl 3 months ago
Would the wood glue work on plywood top work bench the same you think?
Kyle 3 months ago
22:45 - if you're not gonna be using that bandsaw all the time look around for flip designs (there's a lot being showcased on tiktok) that will allow you to mounted to a hinged panel that can be folded under the bench if you're not using it. Seems like you have a decent amount of space there, but having the entire surface clear for the big projects can be a huge gamechanger.
NissanS141 3 months ago
Fuck ngl im super jealous. πŸ‘
khanart 3 months ago
Goals! Living the dream. I can imagine how you feel.
legoMan104 3 months ago
you should consider a shop crane, pretty easy to build use a harbor frieght atv winch, check out fabrats videos from his shop for some reference.
Matt Umolac
Matt Umolac 3 months ago
You are insane my man ! Haha congratulations on dreams and goals. Love the videos keep it coming.
Sean Souders
Sean Souders 3 months ago
never bad to have multiple dryers
Glenn H. Shelton III
Hey Taylor, are your bench tops MDF or particle board (or do you think it matters with the "glue trick"?)
whitedartonpt 3 months ago
Anyone know if the fittings for that Maxline kit are proprietary? Im about to plumb my new large shop for air and while the kit looks attractive, I dont want to spend $500+ JUST on the extra fittings I would need in addition to buying 3 kits.
Ethan Jaskulski
Ethan Jaskulski 3 months ago
What happened to your metal fab bench from Ben's place? Apologies if you already explained this and I missed it! Psyched to see your shop come together.
Chris Nielsen
Chris Nielsen 3 months ago
Hey Taylor, you should hang a rack from the rafters for your wheels that you could lower with some pulleys? Looks like you’re gonna fall off that ladder!
Wrecked Revival
Wrecked Revival 3 months ago
DIYer through and through just what I like to see. Can't wait until you get a lathe and all the metal works to start building your own..well everything.πŸ‘πŸ€˜
TexMex Gardener
TexMex Gardener 3 months ago
Wood glue is water soluble. When that table is cured, then gets wet it will get sticky. I would have done an epoxy pour, or buy a used stainless steel restaurant prep table. If I need a heavy duty table, I'd build a strong base then just use the top of the SS restaurant table. But I'm cheap. Your shop is gorgeous btw good job
Brien Anderson
Brien Anderson 3 months ago
When are you closing the shop in?
MUM!N 3 months ago
30min video goes like 2 min when you enjoy it long but informative
3z willie
3z willie 3 months ago
Here's a suggestion idk if you'll even see this cause I've sent dms emails exc. But why not open up the shop where you don't have to walk through a door to get you tools take down the wall and maybe use that paneling to close the rest of the shop in if you can so you don't have to buy that much more siding
Ultimate Racing Tips
Dude...countersink..McMaster.com...go! lol. Also, the pressure relief type quick disconnect air fittings are pretty cool...has a sleeve that relieves hose pressure after the joint so its easier to remove the line/doesn't discharge the pressure all at once.
Play Button Master
Play Button Master 3 months ago
Ngl I want a garage like that and imma build me one
mrfordfairmont 3 months ago
why does the drier need t be 25feet away i have never seen one more then a foot from the compressor
Morgan Adair
Morgan Adair 3 months ago
Hmm, glue, who would of thunk? I shall remember as thats new to me as it gets. I see a few little things to be worked out on the air system and I think that you do too. Can't make a twenty minute video and explain why everything that comes up. What mostly comes to mind is a small air tank remote as in the last of the air lines and run the air to it so that you have a quick shut off on it and a drain on the bottom. Leave that tank on all the time and then when shutting down, hit the quick release on the bottom of that small tank for a drain for moisture. It seems to always travel to the last place in line so you shut the little tank off and then drain with a quick shot of air to purge it a time or two, you will know when. The air that comes out of that tank will be disgusting and foul smelling and that is if you keep up with it but at least the nasty won't be in air tools. I remember setting up different shops over the years and it wasn't a lot of fun waiting for this or that to get all in place. I would rather have the tools and a place to keep safe until walls come up/on. I hated working without enough pullers or plyers that do specific things. One tool that you won't want to live without is a CNC machine. In the back I would keep a open mind about where everything goes as things change as you go along. Another thing is a seperate building for air compressor with a cement pad and all and the air drains whatnot etcetera. A air compressor should have a different zip code for me but still close enough to keep a eye on it. The compressor never needs oil an just never does until one morning its out and a bearing gone in the compressor itself. I hope to keep enjoying with you on the little shop build
J.D. Rios
J.D. Rios 3 months ago
I wish you were my neighbor. I have tire issues.
amar 3 months ago
I think i like the videos about making the garage as much as the car videos.
Luke Kennedy
Luke Kennedy 3 months ago
Love the shop content man! Stoked for you!
Unstable Internet Connection
You change so many tires you should probably look into a bead breaker table if you have the space. They are so much more comfortable to use and save your back.
CVPIPPV Family 3 months ago
Nothing like a sweet organized shop, congrats man on your move to Orlando.
liam forsythe
liam forsythe 3 months ago
What tires are those??
Not Angle
Not Angle 3 months ago
Gotta get some walls up man people are shit
Herman Stapelberg
Herman Stapelberg 3 months ago
Watching a Taylor video is like listening to good ASMR
Time 4 Boost
Time 4 Boost 3 months ago
Turning into a dream garage! Can't wait to see it all closed in. πŸ‘
LzEd Gein
LzEd Gein 3 months ago
MAN! Where can i get that Hoodie!?
LzEd Gein
LzEd Gein 3 months ago
@Taylor Ray ty, ordering one right away!
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 3 months ago
My website! Garagebuiltco.com
Tryzale 3 months ago
What kind of VR headset do you use?
Tryzale 3 months ago
When you do sim-racing?
Jerk of All Trades
Jerk of All Trades 3 months ago
Get toolbox casters for that table. Even some HF ones, but you have to get ones with ballbearings. The cheap shit casters are basically rubber to metal, and they deform with even the slightest weight. Toolbox casters are designed to handle 300-400lbs a piece, as obviously tools get heavy, and those boxes weigh a ton, too.
Zach Thomas
Zach Thomas 3 months ago
What camera do you use?
Lee Forget
Lee Forget 3 months ago
MDF is made from wood glue and sawdust pressed together. Its not all that strong.
Jarrad James
Jarrad James 3 months ago
I just sold my .:R32.... I'm a little depressed about it. I want to find a blue one now.
Nikos P Theodorakis
Nikos P Theodorakis 3 months ago
Am i the only one that enjoy these garage upgrade videos as much or even more than the regular ones?? Stoked for you man keep doing what your heart desires!!!
BigBird 3 months ago
So glad you coated the top of your workbench that was the first thing I thought it needed when you said MDF bench top
guido heeling
guido heeling 3 months ago
the ovenclear tip has really helped me with a LOT of cleaning stuff!
Chester Smith
Chester Smith 3 months ago
DIY garage with Taylor Ray is aesthetically pleasing and the best thing on US-first yet!!!
Supernova 3 months ago
You have a sick collection of tools and equipment in that garage. Why didn't you build a closed garage with cooling?? Seems odd to me to have an open garage like that.
Supernova 3 months ago
@Taylor Ray . Cool! Can't wait to see it. Cheers!
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 3 months ago
I bought the house with the shop like this. I’m going to close it in.
Muttley 3 months ago
I have a loft storage area like you do and pulling out a ladder all the time to get up to it was a pain in the backside. So I went and bought a folding attic ladder. So now it's pull the cord and it's down and give it a lift and push and it's back up and out of the way. No more pulling out a ladder to get up there.
Erick Sanchez
Erick Sanchez 3 months ago
Can u make a video going over ur tools ??
Clayton Tilbrook
Clayton Tilbrook 3 months ago
Wild set up man. Awesome!
Trevor Turner
Trevor Turner 3 months ago
Can't wait till its closed in that will change the look of everything so much. That tire machine is a beast of a unit!
J A Y D E E 3 months ago
ranger needs to sponsor this man asapo
r v
r v 3 months ago
shouldn't you use some type of air cooler installed to condense water out of the air. Like a transmission cooler in the stream of air off of the fan on the compressor.
Omar Castro
Omar Castro 3 months ago
Glad to see it all coming together
MajorMusician 3 months ago
pssst another probably multiple mentioned and already known tip... little bit of oil when drilling metal will speed it up while saving your bits.. just to remind ya. great work on the shop man
Delwyn Pada
Delwyn Pada 3 months ago
You need a balancing machine now!
Ben 3 months ago
You should do some garage floor paint once the shop is closed in, would look so good under those lights
Dan Mulligan
Dan Mulligan 3 months ago
Also, with the tyre machine, take the top bead off first then put the lifter arm under the tyre and spin the table in reverse until the tyre is high enough & loose enough. instead of it forcing the arm away it will pull itself into the wheel... tyre fitter hacks ;)
Dan Mulligan
Dan Mulligan 3 months ago
Hey Taylor, Can I recommend getting a water separator and oiler setup for the compressor, normally can get them in a combo unit, also an auto an auto purge valve for the bottom of the compressor to drain the condensation out of the tank.
BumblebeeeBee Tuna
BumblebeeeBee Tuna 3 months ago
Can some please send me the link to this ladder
Jay Burrough
Jay Burrough 3 months ago
Could have use epoxy and it would be clear and strong water proof
Jay Burrough
Jay Burrough 3 months ago
Make sure you kill the power to the compressor at night so if you have a leak it doesn't burn it up running all night
JP Smith
JP Smith 3 months ago
Loving the shop upgrade videos! It’s fun watching someone live my dream for meπŸ˜‚
Ryan Casey
Ryan Casey 3 months ago
Hey Taylor, just a heads up, when you made your youtube banner, you made it desktop sized, so it gets cut off on mobile, and tablet.
Andrew 3 months ago
You need a drill press dawg
A T 1957
A T 1957 3 months ago
Weld up some bars for those louvre windows. They are a burglar's wet dream at present.
404 666
404 666 3 months ago
Shop goals πŸ‘
shep husted
shep husted 3 months ago
you have the makings of custom tire and tuner shop - the machines are sweet - getting the garage finished and you are really going to be almost 'there' - spray paint some stencils on the workbench - you need ws pc and a couple cheap tv/monitors and a higher end low maintenance laser printer maybe have another pc in the back also, network to pc in the house - maybe wifi is your best solution but consider wired conduit pvc to house for comm - more secure and faster #opnsense #z440 refurbs ebay or just diy with parts - 8 core chips are like 75 bucks
William Frye
William Frye 3 months ago
Love see the shop updates!!
T Hman
T Hman 3 months ago
A little trick with mounting tires after you do the first air fill with the new tire you should air the tire back down so the tire relaxes back down around the rim nice and snug this will help when you go to balance the tire if you're using nice rims and tires you might not have to add any weight to the rims please try it out and let us know if you like it πŸ‘love the videos keep them coming
Jake Waber
Jake Waber 3 months ago
Hey what kind of drill bits are those?
FaNtAsY AwEsOmE 3 months ago
goals πŸ’ͺ
BNE Exotics
BNE Exotics 3 months ago
Coming together awesome bro πŸ‘
Matt Fields
Matt Fields 3 months ago
Titebond 3 is very water and alcohol resistant. Just take care with acetone or lacquer thinner, it will dissolve it.
john johnson
john johnson 3 months ago
Should have put a water separator on it
Trucker E
Trucker E 3 months ago
why not widen the front door to make it easier to get big stuff in and out?
RandomGuyWithaMazda 3 months ago
Im always here for your positivity my man, love the content and I love seeing you grow and learn and succeed over the years on this channel. Started with a busted ass turbo miata in a jank 2car garage and now you've got your own house and shop and legit tradesman equip and tools. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
JarRod Heintzman
JarRod Heintzman 3 months ago
Great stuff foam all the cracks and install a vent in the room too!
Lexy Mouzer
Lexy Mouzer 3 months ago
Those ladders piss me off for no reason, just look how stupid they look.