K-Swapped RHD Cefiro pt.12 It's all coming together (major progress) 

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We make some major progress on my 1992 Nissan Cefiro that we're putting a turbo k24a2 in to be the ultimate street drift car. It's getting very close to being done! Swap kit parts - www.tf-works.com/k-swap-kit/
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Tools Used
Milwaukee Bandsaw - amzn.to/2Zqn4OU With This Stand - amzn.to/3d5bqNv
Cheap Plasma Cutter - amzn.to/3hJdbS7
Milwauke Tool Die Grinder - amzn.to/2MoAQu9
Milwaukee Tool Headlamp - amzn.to/2xUWthH
Small Milwaukee Flood Light - amzn.to/2Sf39Ox
Milwaukee Tool Underhood Light - amzn.to/3f5K6jw
Milwaukee Tool Mid Torque 1/2" Impact(2861-20) amzn.to/3b1bqwG
Milwaukee Tool Stubby 3/8" Impact (Small Most Used Tool)- amzn.to/2Jdirid
Milwauke Tool 3/8" Ratchet (Life Changing) - amzn.to/2JcpQhy
Milwaukee Tool 1/4" Ratchet - amzn.to/35VZM41
Milwaukee Tool Ratchet Wrenches - amzn.to/2CYRFKz
M12 Drill/Driver - amzn.to/35QVZoR
M18 Drill/Driver - amzn.to/2p6WuKJ
Gearwrench 3/8 Socket Set Mid Length (Very Nice Sockets) - amzn.to/2VnbMHm
Gearwrench 3/8 Socket Set Deep - amzn.to/3b1pFBH
Multiprocess Welder - amzn.to/3g6y5dK
Drill Bits - amzn.to/3fc4DkZ
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Jan 11, 2021




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Comments 100   
NISMO R32 27 days ago
midnight purple for the win
Kate O'Dea
Kate O'Dea 2 months ago
link to brake hoses? please and thank you
Kyle Mcweeny
Kyle Mcweeny 2 months ago
Those dark wheels made that car look 10 times better 😍
Wyatt Chilton
Wyatt Chilton 2 months ago
Anti big guy
Trolling 4 Dollars
Trolling 4 Dollars 3 months ago
You do understand that the only time most people would see your shiny driveshaft is when you roll over? Rolling that car over would be cool enough for me (assuming you are safe).
Rick Scott
Rick Scott 3 months ago
Car looks fantastic, and the brakes look sic. Won't be long before we can hear it run and hopefully go down the road trouble free, that would be super nice. Great video T.R. keep them coming & I'll be here to watch.😎👍💯
Apathy 010
Apathy 010 3 months ago
Using the FC as a table at 0:50 is something I relate to in the depths of my soul LMAO
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller 3 months ago
Man, that shifter bolting right up was *ALMOST* as good as the downpipe on the Fummins lining right up!
George Hampl
George Hampl 3 months ago
Are you gonna use clutch delay valve? I don't think those ZFs like solid drivetrain. Solid shaft. Solid flywheel. Unsprung clutch.
Nathan S
Nathan S 3 months ago
This build is 👌🏼
Camping with Homer
Camping with Homer 3 months ago
I really enjoyed that.! Love the snap finger thing rather than watching something like tire changes. Good job, keep em coming.
Bruce Carey
Bruce Carey 3 months ago
Glad you got that hydraulic hoist, it was causing me anxiety watching you have to hand pump it
steven dyndiuk
steven dyndiuk 3 months ago
Harley Adam
Harley Adam 3 months ago
Buying a driveshaft because it's snazzy-looking is sort of like buying a furnace for the same reason. Nobody is ever going to see it.
traptillwedie19 3 months ago
Good thing that cat didn’t piss in the car!
dwayne powley
dwayne powley 3 months ago
Yo I had to second glance at that dude who’s helping you I really thought it was going to be fed !! What happens to your old house mates man ? The Cummins swap he did in your old old place was mad 😂 loving the newest content bro so good to see you with everything that’s needed,
David Lindsey
David Lindsey 3 months ago
I love your energy and vibe in the new place. Not that you weren't high energy before, but it's different now and I really look forward to your videos. Keep up the great content!
Cole Alward
Cole Alward 3 months ago
the way he just slammed the trans mount bolts in made me cringe😂
Srixxi On YT
Srixxi On YT 3 months ago
the beeping noise from his torque wrench made my dogs go crazy
Espresso and Turbos
Espresso and Turbos 3 months ago
HAHA, Anti Cat wood blocks! We have ferrel cats, and we have to do things to keep them off of our cars, and out of our projects too HAHAHA I feel your pain, but they’re worth it if you don’t get any mice
Desmond Costa
Desmond Costa 3 months ago
Tighten that driveshaft! You said it has to come out to install the shifter then you installed the shifter😂
DAVID FORBES 3 months ago
Snazzy sick dude! ! ! ! !
wheels 3 months ago
Stoked to see this thing rip soon
xempt. one
xempt. one 3 months ago
The fc looks mean sitting there all blacked out now. Love it, whens it getting a 13b back in it?
Mick Holden
Mick Holden 3 months ago
Good stuff
Ricardo Vargas
Ricardo Vargas 3 months ago
I know u like it .
Ricardo Vargas
Ricardo Vargas 3 months ago
Be a honda boy . an put a turbo on ur k20
Aerial Images by Doug
Looking Great !
Brent Codling
Brent Codling 3 months ago
It’s called a slider shaft
Tyler Casey
Tyler Casey 3 months ago
What wheels are those on the Cefiro at the end?
Action P.
Action P. 3 months ago
That caliper job with FF was the best lol
PFI Speed
PFI Speed 3 months ago
Love it!! Go Taylor!! Can’t wait to see it rip!
David Morris
David Morris 3 months ago
you need to tune it!
Tanner Shanks
Tanner Shanks 3 months ago
How are you still not verified lol
ItzMattchu 3 months ago
What kind of torque wrench do you use? I need to get a new one and it seems like the digital ones would be best
Mr Kos
Mr Kos 3 months ago
This thing is cool! I’m totally in love of my JZ A31 too)
Aussie Drift Co.
Aussie Drift Co. 3 months ago
Imagine being one of the 31 people that disliked this video, some people just gotta hate no matter what. Great work mate love all yopur videos
3z willie
3z willie 3 months ago
So much cringe starting a bolt with the impact lol how much time does that really save
3z willie
3z willie 3 months ago
@Taylor Ray lol I can't believe you responded thanks man
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 3 months ago
I’ve never cross threaded one. Ever. It’s not just faster but it gives you more leverage to line up the bracket and bolt.
MRBenchwork 3 months ago
I hope the next video is on Lighting! it's pretty difficult to see stuff in some sections of the video.
mselv56 3 months ago
What Brand of engine lift are you using and who makes the Pneumatic adapter. Thanks.. Please provide links if possible.. Been a fan since your first video, Thanks for all of the great content.
Bob Cain
Bob Cain 3 months ago
Pro tip: When cutting bolts shorter, like for the rear calipers you did. Screw a nut on before you cut so when you unscrew it, it re-cuts the threads
Bill Hunter
Bill Hunter 3 months ago
9:59 you have a lot of faith in normal sockets on an impact 🤣🤣🤣
Jacob Rintala
Jacob Rintala 3 months ago
Don’t forget to tighten the driveshaft lol
Uknow777 3 months ago
Massage the hole?
H NUGGETS 3 months ago
Timothy Carter Jr
Timothy Carter Jr 3 months ago
Gareth L.
Gareth L. 3 months ago
That's an incredibly small clutch man, I'm interested to see how it feels.
Josh-sl-Sibley 3 months ago
what a diffrence having the proper equipment to do the work you want eh!
Trevor Turner
Trevor Turner 3 months ago
Whent through a struggle getting that first lower control arm back in place 😂 I love how when you un bolt something with ease, its sometimes a struggle getting it back together which makes no sense😂 #carlife
Jake Lo Wang
Jake Lo Wang 3 months ago
@Trevor Turner I call it the lay over.
Trevor Turner
Trevor Turner 3 months ago
@Jake Lo Wang 😂☠
Jake Lo Wang
Jake Lo Wang 3 months ago
I change my CBV on my turbo, couldn't see the bolt had 3 to remove that's the easy part but to put it back in, you have to hold the diaphragm in the cover with a spring inside. So you have to hold all that with one hand and barely 2 finger to put the bolt and thread it in place while laying on the engine.
Tom 3 months ago
What's the status on the impact sockets that Astro Tools wanted to hook you up with?
xrsi89 3 months ago
cant wait to see it run and drive!
Kevin Lanter
Kevin Lanter 3 months ago
Where did you source the calipers from? Everything's looking great!
tri00azerath 3 months ago
15:00. ..... nice.
ROSCH 3 months ago
BellaBc 3 months ago
I'd love to see a video of a full interior detail of this car. I mean like reeaaaaaally detail all the little places. Shampoo it. Make it look mint.
Stefan Johansson
Stefan Johansson 3 months ago
What an ugly steeringwheel. 😂🤘🏻
MR jet
MR jet 3 months ago
I love the nfs underground 2 vide of this build!! Brings back so many ezrly 2000 memories
Craig Krage
Craig Krage 3 months ago
It's always great to set a goal and achieve it. I like your forethought on approaching projects. Once you complete it in your mind the job is almost done.
John Coldwell
John Coldwell 3 months ago
"Like a peasent" cheers bro 😒
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 3 months ago
It’s a joke. They’re like $60. Lol
RH2RACING 3 months ago
I don't see mosquitoes attacking you at night. How do you manage that?
John Roberts
John Roberts 3 months ago
Great content thanks for sharing
unclesamla 3 months ago
How is the glue on the table tops working out?
Halid Ramzan
Halid Ramzan 3 months ago
Snazzy 👌
Cheese Pizza
Cheese Pizza 3 months ago
Long time listener, love the channel. Can we hurry up and gate or dry wall the shop already ! Kinda freaks you having everything out.
Billy Beane
Billy Beane 3 months ago
Be careful with clutch kicking that trans now. The gweebo helps take shock load out of the gear train. Most of the guys that take them out end up shredding the teeth off of their gears. Talk to Adam and Cgelsea. They both have experience with this issue.
Russell Anderson
Russell Anderson 3 months ago
i can really massage the hole. classic
Ron Daman
Ron Daman 3 months ago
The Google steering wheel cracks me up lol
Ron Daman
Ron Daman 3 months ago
I'm 38 and theres no way I'd have thought about some clothing company that I've never even heard of our seen before
Lamar Williams-Roemelin
Where did you order the brakes from? An can’t wait to hear this thing keep grinding dawg!🤘🏽
James Suman
James Suman 3 months ago
They are parts shop max, should be able to order off their website?
Jens Törnqvist
Jens Törnqvist 3 months ago
By the looks of how "Bolt on" this build has been, it sure looks like you're gonna be starting a new trend with these Cefiros!
sleepyyy p
sleepyyy p 3 months ago
why dont you ever paint the engine or the bay and make it look nice? everything stays dirty and old looking lol
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 3 months ago
@sleepyyy p yeah I just learned from the Miata that even when I think I’m done with fab work. There’s more. Then I’ve got miss matched paint and grinding down paint. So I wanna build the car as is. Get it driving. Workout the bugs. Then tear it down and do bay paint and exterior.
sleepyyy p
sleepyyy p 3 months ago
Taylor Ray ahh makes sense, wasn’t sure if you had plans of taking it back out because in the video you said you hope it’s in for good. Can’t wait to see it all cleaned up it’ll be gorgeous. And I understand why you didn’t paint the FC bay haha
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 3 months ago
Because I still have a bunch of fab work to do. Plan is to build it. Get it running. Figure out what if anything needs to change. Then rip it apart and paint the bay. And also I don’t “never” paint the bay. I painted my miatas engine bay twice during its life of building. I just didn’t do the rx7 because it’s a beater car.
Reed Wren
Reed Wren 3 months ago
I have that same shifter and in a bmw and mine has a bunch of slop in it and I’m kinda upset after seeing how crisp yours is
Mart Den Otter
Mart Den Otter 3 months ago
Hey taylor i messaged you on instagram regarding vibrations in ur driveshaft, as the bois over at gears and gasoline had some issues with that same setup. Hope u considered this!
uncle rodney
uncle rodney 3 months ago
I think those wheels look good on that Car brother
Austin Bachman
Austin Bachman 3 months ago
Ur laugh is like Adam Sandler’s 😂 love it
xProRenegade 3 months ago
Going to fab up a nice skid plate?
Tommy G
Tommy G 3 months ago
"Enough jibber jabber let's get to work" 👍
Frank Rizzo
Frank Rizzo 3 months ago
May want to put a couple of mouse traps in the car in case big guy was actually helping you get rid of some little rodents.
Lowboi drifting
Lowboi drifting 3 months ago
Is there any other reason to converting the engine crane to air? Bigger lifting capacity? Easier to lift heavy objects?
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 3 months ago
Easier in general. Plus if you’re working alone you can stand by the bay and use the hose to go up while watching in the bay.
Fjewt 3 months ago
cant wait to see this car rip! so hyped!
Matt Becker
Matt Becker 3 months ago
Didn’t realize until now he was doing a Jesse with the disc without calipers
Magnus Rosenqvist
Magnus Rosenqvist 3 months ago
Are you going to deliver mail with the Nissan 🤣
d1styl 3 months ago
Hot Tip: Taylor on your engine hoist, Weld a bolt to the bottom of the jack where you undo it to lower it and 3d print a little handle for it, i did the same thing to mine and it make it so much easier, No longer have to use the long bar to tighten and loosen
d1styl 3 months ago
@Taylor Ray I can email you the file to 3d print, just need to know what thread you will use👍
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 3 months ago
I usually just clamp a pair of vice grips on there. Lol that’s a way nicer solution.
UPGEAR GARAGE 3 months ago
That clutch wasnt lined up good enough that alignment tool should fall in and out
rileyGdoggbeats 3 months ago
Shifter looks SIIIIICK! What a unit! Looking forward to this being finished, as always you're doing it right
MLT 3 months ago
I’m honestly gonna miss the openness of the shop. Once it gets enclosed might feel a little stuffy
Stewart Horsley
Stewart Horsley 3 months ago
Hope your going to run a clutch delay valve
Alan Saad
Alan Saad 3 months ago
I haven’t seen one of those 90s steering wheels since, well you know, the 20th century!?!
Chiken 3 months ago
isnt cefiro the same chassis bottom plate as s13
MIKEDRIFT30DET 3 months ago
We are so close !!!! I've got a Cefiro with an rb30det in it , built it 10 years ago watching this is fun .
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown 3 months ago
Looks like the wood glue worked well.
erik sewell
erik sewell 3 months ago
So this vs lz, and his brown chaser ???
Kevin Ward
Kevin Ward 3 months ago
I miss sandy where is she
Connor Mullan
Connor Mullan 3 months ago
Need to get out with Adam in the chaser after this is done
FKN Carl
FKN Carl 3 months ago
you have a lift and a transmission jack, why pull the motor?
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 3 months ago
It’s just easier. It wasn’t really in there that thoroughly to begin with.
dinho890i 3 months ago
Get them super concave wheels that sits nice with mark 2s and chasers
andy olive
andy olive 3 months ago
I do hope you going to sort out the underside of the car as all the new parts look great but floor pan and chassis look crap now
Foamdata Services
Foamdata Services 3 months ago
Sandy needs to come out and put big guy in his place.
Kevin Halliday
Kevin Halliday 3 months ago
Click, click, click, click, click-- and don't forget click! You got the 6 speed right? :-)
navrodh 3 months ago
Isn't the engine too much to the left? Could that affect the left to right weight distribution?
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 3 months ago
It has to be for oil draining
Shane Wilson
Shane Wilson 3 months ago
“We pressavered” Taylor 2021
Gavin Barker
Gavin Barker 3 months ago
"The neighbourhood cat that I don't like" yup, for me that's *all* the neighbourhood cats that use my garden as their toilet :(
simon lee
simon lee 3 months ago
love the enthusiasm, T'Ray sayings t-shirt,( hand tools, like a peasant) , massage the hole, SNAZZY, oh no u don't little guy, fits SO GOOD, not much left to do (REALY), STOCK-ish, need to use blue so i can get it off.