Freedom Factory first drift night. Putting on a show with Ole Cleetur 

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It's not the first time we've drifted the Freedom Factory, but the first time it's seen 40 drivers and HUGE crowd! We do a bunch of fun tandems with Cleetus in neighbor, and ben in his LS miata, break both cars and burn through some tires!
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Mar 8, 2021




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Comments 100   
Tommy Month ago
You use the handbrake quite a lot...
Rick Brown
Rick Brown Month ago
Awesome show!
Polar Preston
Polar Preston Month ago
Seems like she’s running well these days !hah
Tory Schimke
Tory Schimke Month ago
Your a good driver dude and technician! Big things are going to happen for you. Keep the grind going wil pay off.
John Z
John Z Month ago
As time goes along, who can predict the insanity our buddy Cleetus will come up with to make the Freedom Factory a money making proposition. One day we all know US-first - as we know it - will cease to exist. All things do. Garrett is so financially embedded into the Freedom Factory he's already thinking 3 - 4 years out with intentions of keeping it alive and well irregardless of US-first's future.
Richie Rich
Richie Rich Month ago
John Z
John Z Month ago
@6:39, nice 'catch' Taylor. You saw Neighbor was going around, backed off giv'n him the room he would need to settle in for a stop or get back into shape.
John Z
John Z Month ago
Re the 'in person' attendance,, Taylor - IT'S THE FREEDOM FATORY BUD :) A FULL HOUSE IS REQUIRED!
Ricky T
Ricky T Month ago
Man I wish I could have been there. I'll just have to settle for these amazing videos. Bad ass keep it up 👍👍
Hate to bring it up but I would highly recommend a full face helmet so you don’t hit your face on the hard racing steering wheel.
James Cook Jr.
James Cook Jr. Month ago
Taylor when is Ben is going to start his own US-first channel so we can fallow what he is doing since you moved out 🤔😊👍
TheHilander Month ago
Yet another good video. With you helmet cam, you can tell how steep those banks are.
The.King.Pin Month ago
That first entry by Cleetus was crazy
wowo101 gaming
wowo101 gaming Month ago
Taylor Ray you are the true OG here. I have been watching a long time before you even started this channel you help adam learn alot of what he knows and damn you can slide that car
Mikesxrs300 Month ago
another covid event with cleetus
Neverstressin99 Month ago
I love your videos man
Houtzyboy Month ago
wbball15 Month ago
Y'all looked like you're having a hell of a lot of fun.
Matt Walter
Matt Walter Month ago
Hey taylor, what mount do you use for your in-car camera that's looking at you during these events? it seems like it's got a little bit of swing to it. gives a much more in-person perspective than a rigid mounted camera. i dig it.
deputy Nico
deputy Nico Month ago
4:25 North Memphis intensifies
C&C Scratch
C&C Scratch Month ago
Any Moog parts are garbage I’ve never been happy with their products
Big Boost McGee
Big Boost McGee Month ago
Enough jibber jabber
Mentally Irresponsible Drifting
Can't wait to get my V8 miata build ready and shred a bunch, im getting exited just by watching :D
Andres Rodriguez
us-first.info/player/video/ndehrX9-g2V2gIk.html EPA is gonna ruin all our car channels
Rafael Vidal
Rafael Vidal Month ago
is Pat Goodin pregnant?
Bilbo_ Jonez
Bilbo_ Jonez Month ago
4:20 that shot with the sound of neighbor.. beautiful
Lance Guimomd
Lance Guimomd Month ago
Fuck nitto if they haven’t come aboard yet
Eric Sparks
Eric Sparks Month ago
If it wasn't for Cleetus, I would have never found your channel and fell in love with Drifting.
Zahari Stoyanov
Zahari Stoyanov Month ago
WTF, did he buy all Crown Vics in America :D
B H Month ago
Next episode neighbor gets an angle kit
i love your work and your good at what you do but men you talk alot of shit which you dont need to
Lee Knudson
Lee Knudson Month ago
Good driving
Victor Davis
Victor Davis Month ago
Dump the ball joints and go to uni balls you can flange the cup and make them bolt-on, end of the problem. Off-road standard.
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez Month ago
Completely understand it'd be a crazy drive but you should really come out to New Mexico and check out The No Coast Drift Party!
Rick Houston
Rick Houston Month ago
Love the slow mo fire balls!
Drew Month ago
Did I miss Taylor getting a new dash??
Lance Uppercut
Lance Uppercut Month ago
Some drone footy of Taylor's runs would he sic!
Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor Month ago
Yo talk about what’s going on with the EPA! We need to get the RPM ACT signed into law!
Peter Salas
Peter Salas Month ago
Taylor all up in that camaro!!
Jay Good
Jay Good Month ago
I'd love to see Taylor in fd!! Somebody sponsor this man!!!!
padraig doran
padraig doran Month ago
Is it just me of has ben got very very good at drifting
Jordan Beverly
Jordan Beverly Month ago
Dude in the camaro was like nah my shit too low for this bank 😂😂
James Rouse
James Rouse Month ago
So rowdy! Nothing like a ls miata on limiter.
Jon Pardue
Jon Pardue Month ago
Great driving! 190 after that long run proves you have that set up wonderful. Thank you for making videos.
Bryan Dunbar
Bryan Dunbar Month ago
That was awesome the FF jam packed I can see a lot more drift events coming out of there so much room for activities lol.
Noah Lavender
Noah Lavender Month ago
Alex Manning
Alex Manning Month ago
I dig the on car camera footage! Nice video!
Evan Monday
Evan Monday Month ago
YO whats nitto email? lets all bombard em till the hook up Taylor!
derx Month ago
That 2nd camera angle inside the car is awesome Taylor
Christopher Barton
Love the gopro on the roof!
Halid Ramzan
Halid Ramzan Month ago
Pandemic? What? What's that?😂
MrTfee Month ago
“I’m emotionally invested in James having a drift car.” Taylor said. Me too man, me too.
Jake P
Jake P Month ago
You get kids in cars, (Drag, Drift, whatever) they won't have money for drugs!
Mark Parker
Mark Parker Month ago
skrotkalle skrotkalle
Do you have corona rules in the United States that you must follow? Does not look like that! in countries I live in, many places are closed and we are not allowed to have many people at large events. But in the US it does not look like you have rules! There are people like you who are ruining the rest of the world when it comes to corona infection! In countries I live in we take responsibility!
Ben Month ago
Neighbours rear bar would be a wrecking ball on transition!
AMBush Drift
AMBush Drift Month ago
The fact you don’t have a tire sponsor on board already makes me mad. Someone get this man some rubbers!
Corban Lee
Corban Lee Month ago
Old cleet needs to give him the hook ups
Enrico Tavella
Enrico Tavella Month ago
🤣🤣🤣 the end was epic
Matt von Linden
Matt von Linden Month ago
Ha ha!! Loved the ending!
whale oil beef hooked
No masks, no distancing, handshakes, coughing, spreading. Murica
Sausage Wallet
Sausage Wallet Month ago
Stay in California and wear 14 masks if u scared.
Kenny steele
Kenny steele Month ago
I think it would be awesome to slide sideways around the whole outside of the track Not sure if it could happen but I’m sure you can if anyone can
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera Month ago
This whole video I don't think you said enough jibber jabber.. almost didn't feel like a taylor ray video. And then at the end do it for dale what? Lmfao..
29 auto
29 auto Month ago
Have you tried forklift tires?
Kyle Month ago
Who dislikes this??
Sausage Wallet
Sausage Wallet Month ago
Greta thunberg
Ronin Month ago
so awesome
Talha M
Talha M Month ago
Do it for Dale, see you later!
Dave and his cars
That ending was too funny .
Tezzr Terry
Tezzr Terry Month ago
The FFactory could hold a big FormulaD event, and make it a huge success.
Foamdata Services
Send it for Sandy! Also the speed on the bank, damn!
Darhk Genesis
Darhk Genesis Month ago
You need to go pro and build a c6
GT Godbear
GT Godbear Month ago
Clooge McSplooge Cleet McSkeet
Jstall7543 Month ago
Great Driving! Car Looks Dialed!
Justin Paul
Justin Paul Month ago
Taylor you were in your prime till about 15:39👏👏👏👏
The247Official Month ago
no masks 😯
Nico_ e93_335i
Nico_ e93_335i Month ago
Awesome event guys! Grear future for the FF! Dutch regards, Nico.
Jonny Rockstar
Jonny Rockstar Month ago
Does it start breaking up when the outside temperature it hot? we had big problems with e85 here in aus coz the fuel was getting to hot before the injectors, so we ran a esky in the boot full of dry ice with an oil style cooler in it ever had a problem after that
Fear Scifiey
Fear Scifiey Month ago
Why do u and Adam not talk anymore
Sausage Wallet
Sausage Wallet Month ago
Scroll down . Taylor answers your question
Mihail Petrovici
I would put underglow under the miata. I am not a ricer but this days it's super easy and it quite looks good. Seeing the thumbnail in the dark underglow would be awsome
J Dub
J Dub Month ago
I can honestly say I would’ve never given drifting a second of my time prior to watching Cleetus’ channel. Now I follow you, adam and others and I would love to catch an event someday. Same goes for drag racing too for that matter. It’s awesome to see someone getting people involved in multiple facets of Motorsports that otherwise may not have been.
Nick Garcia
Nick Garcia Month ago
I would love to see you get sponsored by Texas speed eventually and move up to FD.
Jadajada Month ago
i think it is so awesome to see you and Ben raging the Freedom Factory
CT Arwood
CT Arwood Month ago
Okay so I watched with subtitles on and at one point it just says [Music] mid drift. Just thought that was awesome and accurate.
Berats Builds
Berats Builds Month ago
Taylor: I gotta go easy on the tires Also Taylor: sits on the rev limiter almost all the time during drift 😆
tedium37 Month ago
James is the best "Official" ever. Freedom Factory policy is Yeah do it!
Slippers Garage
Slippers Garage Month ago
Does anyone else have a super biased subconscious notion that Taylor rays the best drifter in the world? Like “oh that guys run was pretty clean, but we’ll see what Taylor does better” idk 🤷‍♂️
Gelenvader3 Month ago
Check your plugs/coils
Josh-sl-Sibley Month ago
Are you guys not concerned about Covid?🤣😬💪
Royster Fots
Royster Fots Month ago
I have subliminally half expected you to say ‘Do it for Dale, I’ll Freakin see you later!’ at the end of every show...and now it appears so did you🤣🤣🤣
Chad Nickel
Chad Nickel Month ago
why was i unsubscribed from this channel? i never unsubbed i love T RAY
Garage Philosophy
Right on that blue Camaro at then end !! Freaking sick driving man
Joey Clark
Joey Clark Month ago
I keep seeing that Volvo 240 in the background at the freedoms factory
Mr Pitter
Mr Pitter Month ago
Best camera footage from FF.
Tony Callanta
Tony Callanta Month ago
Man I love watching Taylor ride cleets door 🇺🇸
sleepless247 Month ago
From all the US-firstrs Motionautotv, AdamLz, Cleetus Mac, leave it to you to give me a complete video. Everyone else had me wanting more. I was hoping to see some tandems with you and AdamLz I think you're missing a great opportunity by not putting cameras on Ben's car during tandems. You guys drift so well together! Anyway keep up the good work! Can't wait to see the shop enclosed. Do it for Dale we'll fricken see you later! Lol
LUNCH BOX Month ago
The speed there is perfect love it brother
mookie wilson
mookie wilson Month ago
haha love loved it! the ending was priceless i thought you were going to say do it for dale.
Sheafor Griffin
Sheafor Griffin Month ago
Just curious, but does anyone know what happened between Taylor and AdamLZ.
Sausage Wallet
Sausage Wallet Month ago
@Taylor Ray thats really cool attitude. Respect... Hope you guys get to battle at klutch kickers
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray Month ago
We talk and hangout every event we just don’t film it. I guess we’ve just known each other so long now we don’t feel the need to film a clip to prove we hung out. I wish we could have got some runs in. He came out as my tires were done and vice versa.
Omgulur Month ago
I think they're still good but they just try to avoid making the same content.
Trent Jones
Trent Jones Month ago
Taylor is just playing Asseto Corsa in real life 😂
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray Month ago
That’s honestly what driving the freedom factory feels like just making up layouts and sending it. Lol
Josh Ehman
Josh Ehman Month ago
looks so fun
Curt VanWinter
Curt VanWinter Month ago
#neighbor needs an angle kit asap