Freedom 500 2021. Craziest one yet. big wrecks. upsets. car problems. 

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This is the 3rd freedom factory circle track crown vic race, and it is by far the most insane. And I've been to all 3! Crazy wrecks, celebrity drivers. Big upsets. (only 8 cars finished the race...out of 26)
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Apr 4, 2021




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Comments 100   
Quinton Daniels
Quinton Daniels 4 days ago
Good racing Taylor u did well brother ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
Nick Martinez
Nick Martinez 4 days ago
Lmao I saw the cart n thought the paint was a 6 pack
Eric Kuhns
Eric Kuhns 4 days ago
I thought no standing burnouts on the asphalt?
Eric Kuhns
Eric Kuhns 4 days ago
I want to see 1v1 Taylor Ray vs Kevin KSR. 50 laps
thefinalroman 5 days ago
just noticed it looked like the Alternator belt was missing...
thefinalroman 5 days ago
If they boot people for stupid shit there won't be as many crashes
Twisted Leaf Rod Shop
So when do we get the โ€œTaylor Raycesโ€ video game, your rear POV looked just like the old nascar games I used to play, and your race footage would be perfect for a racing game!
Jay Jrvibe2
Jay Jrvibe2 7 days ago
Talk about an underdog... Dude is a lowkey beast!
James Cargile
James Cargile 7 days ago
Zip ties will cut you bad! Take em off
IMNOTA 7 days ago
The way they handled it is complete shit. It's supposed to be a fun race, but it's as much bullshit and dumb rules as real racing... Like why the hell do replacement cars have no nitrous ? You're already so disadvantaged by swapping and the time loss it involves... And those cautions man, going in line for no reason, with half the drivers not knowing and overtaking, sending people to the back for no reason, not pulling cautions when there's a huge crash, but pulling them when there's barely a paint transfer going on between two cars, just a bunch of bullshit.
Mike Mocon
Mike Mocon 7 days ago
Come on! Loose is fast!
Jan Fredrik Larsen
What a fun race. But to race this savagen, and without any black flags or rules, it's a big possibility that the federation will interfere and tell you how to do a proper race and do it safe. If this race were done in Europe itwould been probably for the last time. Both drivers and cars are not into safety regulations. But it was crazy๐Ÿ˜†
Chris Henry
Chris Henry 8 days ago
Damn man, you are a driver, and a winner. Things are gonna change, I can feel it.
Chris Henry
Chris Henry 8 days ago
Your car is dope.
Wesley Bateman
Wesley Bateman 8 days ago
Best commentary by far ! Great job trying to race a crown vic
Richard Bradley
Richard Bradley 8 days ago
Narration was superb. Good luck next race!
Richard Harvey
Richard Harvey 8 days ago
Way to battle.
It's Just 2SXTs
It's Just 2SXTs 8 days ago
26:34 Verstappen/Ocon brazil 2018 he was that guy XD
Alexapexgod 8 days ago
25:42 Eminem be like
Richard Harvey
Richard Harvey 8 days ago
Great job Taylor .
Mikel Bogner
Mikel Bogner 8 days ago
Traction control button is in the glove box
Toad Phillips
Toad Phillips 9 days ago
Leaving in first is a good tactic, I tried leaving in 2nd in my vic it was completely gutless. I mean it's no racecar in 1st either but still lol
W Mose
W Mose 9 days ago
man you should talk about doing a FF crown vic drift event
ifeel sic
ifeel sic 9 days ago
please dont ever race again, you literally look like a fool
Gen15 9 days ago
I don't normally like lots of talking during a race video. But you kept it entertaining the whole video, I never felt bored. Thanks for the commentary. Much more enjoyable than the raw Freedom 500 feed. Glad you had fun. :>
Ball Bounces
Ball Bounces 9 days ago
So rule on from day 1 don't do standing burnouts on the track clearly was ignored
Potato 9 days ago
imint crown vic will be a high dollar car in 15 years, heck, any crown vic,
Turbo John
Turbo John 9 days ago
Awesome!!!! Glad you had a blast, maybe next one you will get a better car.
pack money
pack money 9 days ago
Bro I'm new to your channel and I'm just going to say that you drove the crap out of them Crown Vics good for you man
Greg Golden
Greg Golden 9 days ago
Off3er 9 days ago
LOVE the voice over and love all the youtubers putting out videos of the freedom500, got hours to watch! Thank you!
OF brotherhood
OF brotherhood 9 days ago
I take it you're not a big fan of whistling diesel ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚, he's a good dude ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿป๐Ÿป๐Ÿป
Danny Pitcher
Danny Pitcher 7 days ago
@OF brotherhood go watch 187 customs and ya'll see what I'm talking about, he barrowed Shawn's helmet and just left it, they had to go hunt it down the whole approach was totally disrespectful
OF brotherhood
OF brotherhood 7 days ago
@Danny Pitcher how do you figure ???
Danny Pitcher
Danny Pitcher 7 days ago
He disrespected the crap out of shawn near the end after that I'm not much of a fan anymore
Jason Shaw
Jason Shaw 9 days ago
Your commentary is MINT
Chase !
Chase ! 9 days ago
Cletus and whistlen diesel have been on demolition ranch you need to go drift on his channel while heโ€™s shooting ๐Ÿ˜‚
Grizz 9 days ago
Another wonderful event at Covid and Cars HQ!
Aric Domke
Aric Domke 10 days ago
Loose is fast
Nathaniel Ryan
Nathaniel Ryan 10 days ago
4:03 I thought I heard "I would be a terrible drug dealer, because..." Which also makes sense in this context.
xempt. one
xempt. one 10 days ago
You seriously need to build a track car for time attack man. You are killer behind the wheel, maybe convert the fc rx7 back to rotary and set it up for racing
JohnnyHenry 10 days ago
tryin to watch all the vids I can of this race , best narrating so far!
MagZologist 10 days ago
Loose is fast my friend
Gary Bridgham
Gary Bridgham 10 days ago
Best commentary of any Freedom 500 drivers! The best for seeing what it's like to be in the car!
Johny Action
Johny Action 10 days ago
Damn man all those passes is enough of a Victory :)
AcornExpressPro 10 days ago
taylor ray was jipped
armedinbama 10 days ago
Green and gold were my high school colors. GO REBELS!!
Baptiste Lauzier
Baptiste Lauzier 10 days ago
Really love the commentary dude!!
Andres Mendoza
Andres Mendoza 10 days ago
The milky mallet customarily ski because veil corroboratively thaw following a first sack. necessary, fallacious ellipse
Dan R
Dan R 10 days ago
Just spread the virus. One event at a time ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿป๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿป๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿป๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿป
mblaettnar29 10 days ago
This was the best Freedom 500 video Iโ€™ve seen so far!
rmksledhead63 10 days ago
Dude the pool noodle bolstering might be the best car mod I've ever seen. Had some cheap buckets on the list for my beater drift vic but this is much cheaper and in the spirit of the build LOL
Steve G
Steve G 10 days ago
Dude youโ€™re a driver. Passed everyone.
BBROPHOTO 10 days ago
Realllyyyyy love your commentary on this. I remember the last one you did and was so hoping for another this time around again - didnโ€™t disappoint! Thanks for these Taylor, the first one made me a fan of yours and this one confirms just how good of a driver you are and person in general :)
Mike Hagen
Mike Hagen 10 days ago
Hood pins next year! You did a great job of safely getting off the track!
Seth Berno
Seth Berno 10 days ago
Pro racing my man! This is literally going to be a proving ground for Cleetus' Freedom 500 race 2.0
Richy Kay
Richy Kay 10 days ago
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skipman8yard 10 days ago
Great vidj Taylor โœŠโœŠโœŠโœŠ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง
Richy Kay
Richy Kay 10 days ago
Joe Biden To Announce Executive Orders on Gun Control. โ€œStakeholders have speculated that the president could announce regulations on concealed assault-style firearms; prohibitions on firearm purchases for those convicted of domestic violence against their partners; and federal guidance on home storage safety measures.โ€ Joe Biden lives in one of the most heavily protected residences in the world, in a city currently (and unprecedentedly) patrolled by 20,000 National Guardsmen. Politico bills it as โ€œlong-awaited executive actionโ€ even though Biden has been president for less than three months.
Built Way Different
Bro how did you not realize thats from Talladega Nights? And you call yourself a car guy!
Aiden Studios
Aiden Studios 10 days ago
"it's probably spraypaint too" as all of the streaks on the hood glimmer in the sunlight
george cahoon
george cahoon 10 days ago
I spent a week at a driving school aggressively driving old retired squad vics. You will fall in love with them after a short time. They are such all around great cars.
Raptor867 10 days ago
insane driving, in a slower car too.
arcadeuk 10 days ago
Ah what a shame about your car. I only know you from the FF500s, but I was rooting for you, you seem to know how to put up a good race, even against the pro-drivers.
silkysixx 10 days ago
Loose is fast, and on the edge of out-of-control
Dude T
Dude T 10 days ago
"Kevin retuning his ECU" ah now we know how he won ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜Ž
Paul Wasser
Paul Wasser 10 days ago
What's with the yellow light on the trunk lid on all the cars?
Axle Chastain
Axle Chastain 10 days ago
Vice grip had the best paint job I thought. ๐Ÿ™Œ awesome race! Hope you are back for the next race!
Giosaurus Rex
Giosaurus Rex 11 days ago
I was laughing when you were naming whose car was who's. I'm like who are these people lmao
22sojourner 11 days ago
Loved your prospective (hate dirty derivers) you did your very best.
Christian Michael
Christian Michael 11 days ago
That was awesome, I wish I could do something like that
Grumpy Grandpa Patriot Show
1,000 times better than NASCAR
Jose F
Jose F 11 days ago
Damn homie, wheeling your hear out means everything. You said it yourself. Just have fun with what you got. I think you were awesome. Listening to you I've even learned a few things. Good shit homie!! Love the video!
Leon Z
Leon Z 11 days ago
Nice narration.
Martin Sorg
Martin Sorg 11 days ago
your race commentary is just the best!!! I really enjoy your take on the freedom 500!
Jason Applegate
Jason Applegate 11 days ago
Wow great job attending a super speader event.
batsonelec C
batsonelec C 11 days ago
not sure how many laps you were down but I bet you made up at least 5 or 6 based on this video. I hope it was more than 10 or going to the back every time might have cost you a top 3 or 4 place. Great video. Loved the format where you explain as you drive.
Awesome Skeleton Diecast
I feel like playing wreckfest now ๐Ÿ˜‚ lol
Plake 11 days ago
Anyone catch that at 26:40
iTotallyJuust 11 days ago
Some of the drivers must of mistook this for a demolition derby. Not a serious race
777Timberwolf 11 days ago
your spare car did better than the gold one. From position 17 to second place, you're a pro man. And love where the camera was in place so we can see everything... yeah baby. thanks for video, keep it up the good work. I just subscribed to see more
Ray Pfefferle
Ray Pfefferle 11 days ago
WHO TF IS JH DIESEL ๐Ÿค” You all ever need body work done on yalls rigs JH is a savage with crocks brother mans a legend on bearing dents out with his crocks ๐Ÿฅถ
Bubba Kushington
Bubba Kushington 11 days ago
Damn Taylor getting robbed out.
KFC Managers
KFC Managers 11 days ago
literally what's the point in a race if they move you back every caution.. impossible to get back into a position where they won't move you back. disgusting
dpedd12 11 days ago
These races are about the best thing since people decided to measure manhood with car racing.
MediumUgly 11 days ago
Bowman using his blinker for pit lane was hilarious there at the end๐Ÿ˜‚
Spk 11 days ago
23:01 Almost a 40 year old man in that 199 by the way
chefdan87 11 days ago
What an amazing life experience to get to race against some professional race car drivers and actually being competitive with them. I would have lost my mind racing against Randy Pobst. "OHH MY GOD I JUST BUMPED RANDYS CAR IN A RACE!!!!!!!
this guy
this guy 11 days ago
Anybody else notice Demo Ranch's AMC Rebel parked next to the Fummins?
kingofl337 11 days ago
You should get a lap back every time you are sent to the back.
Trevor 10 days ago
I think its a tough call. Between going to a backup car, and "breaking" several times to the point of being 10+ laps down, it wouldn't exactly be fair to the other drivers that made the full distance. Not to mention, there are no "lucky dogs" in short track racing. That's only a NASCAR thing.
Stu B
Stu B 11 days ago
Nice breakdown!
MYOB 11 days ago
loose is fast...
John Galt
John Galt 11 days ago
30:58 no standing burnouts on the asphalt part of the track!
Ke Nny
Ke Nny 11 days ago
Good commentary I didn't get bored
Great video, good driving
Technology News & Reviews
You can diffintly tell the detail Garrett has put into this 500, alot more organized and having the live crowd help make the atmosphere so awsome,could you hear crowd when you went by or car to loud?
Fred Macc
Fred Macc 11 days ago
This should be like Formula 1 once there is a pace car/caution the lapped cars unlap the grid and from there they can race normally. It must have been frustrating every time there was a caution they sent you to the back losing everything you worked so hard to get... I get it must be fun just fight for positions all race but still, after that much effort you clearly deserved a place in the front of the grid imho. Great racing, calm and vicious when you get the opportunity! That is what a great racer is!
Dobermanator 11 days ago
Instead of pool noodles get some of those Florida invasive Python's, it will not only be good for the environment it will look much better too.
Devin Byers
Devin Byers 11 days ago
honestly i hve watched all of the 500 races and the mullet on every ones channel and you litterly just did the best video of any off them normaly we dnt get to really see any of the action cause its the wrong camera angle at the wrong time the in car with some comentary i was pretty much on the edge of my seat the hole time good job and thanks
Ferret Rider
Ferret Rider 11 days ago
i want to point that your POV really shows how much difference the weight reductions done to those le mullets cars made. your spare vic was sooo much faster WITHOUT nos... because it was lighter... thats also prob why it slid out like a mofo...
Ferret Rider
Ferret Rider 11 days ago
@Taylor Ray for real? I thought all the mullets cars were torn out thanks to Bowman starting the trend? Also do you know who's car you actually got?
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 11 days ago
It didnโ€™t have any weight reduction.
Ken Not Cat
Ken Not Cat 11 days ago
I think/feel it would be better if they reduced the cars to 15 and had 10 replacement cars. Basically same amount of cars but a few less random not so good drivers.
KH3 Coupe
KH3 Coupe 11 days ago
Whyโ€™d I know whistling diesels dumb ass would b out first๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’€