First competition of the year, first time the LS3 Miata has let me down. 

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We go to a hometown drift comp at a Kart track to drive with all our friends and compete for some money! The LS3 miata had other ideas and broke at the worst time, we do what we can to keep going.
Drone footage - gh0stfpv
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Jan 25, 2021




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John Smith
John Smith Month ago
Yes fun it is
sllav W3EB
sllav W3EB 2 months ago
Too sry I'm late for the comment I reccomend getting a less grippy tires cuz I can see you struggling to hold a corner better having a bit less grip.if you have less grip your miata would be smoother
Tengu Drift
Tengu Drift 2 months ago
Looks like the handling on your car is spot on, I love the way it moves 😄
Brandon Dimmitt
Brandon Dimmitt 2 months ago
BMW was on his game! Seen that when he was battling you. Good job ben!
Brandon Dimmitt
Brandon Dimmitt 2 months ago
Why did u leave the lights in if no alternator? Rule?
Rick Styla
Rick Styla 2 months ago
Graeme Small
Graeme Small 2 months ago
A mention for the quad pilot......top drawer flying
Gh0st FPV
Gh0st FPV 2 months ago
lol thanks man
ronald graham
ronald graham 2 months ago
Love that aerial footage of the Miata partying! Really allows us to see, how much them tires smoke.
Okboom er
Okboom er 2 months ago
That z driver is so skilled to lightly tap bens door like that
Luke TW Herbert
Luke TW Herbert 2 months ago
dude in the green z needs work on his tandem skills
Levi Teller
Levi Teller 2 months ago
Your car gave up to give ben a great chance to win his first comp.
Julio 2 months ago
Taylor ray on hyperdrive? 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Tim Forsthoffer
Tim Forsthoffer 2 months ago
Paint that rear bash bar!
Donald Reese
Donald Reese 2 months ago
Everyone go to faulken tire and blow them up on all media's to sponsor him it helps trust me if they know he has people behind him that will buy from them from seeing him run faulken tires
Michael Wilder
Michael Wilder 2 months ago
I wonder if the bucking issue is not a drive by wire issue, but a drive train issue. Not a bad idea to check the differential and trans gears.
Ismael Azzopardi
Ismael Azzopardi 2 months ago
Did anyone notice that e36 with adam lz’s purple side skirts at 8:07? Lol
Ello 2 months ago
Ngl the Miata like T H I C C In the thumbnail
Ello 2 months ago
If I search for Hoonigan suit on youtube a 240sx drift missile will come up. In that video there is a lot of information on a hight hp (reliables) drift car
Kevin Shay
Kevin Shay 2 months ago
Great fun
Matt Sayre
Matt Sayre 2 months ago
Good job by Ben for not flopping like Taylor Hull
Team TDL
Team TDL 2 months ago
God if taylor ever try’s for pro 2, I think he’s gonna dominate. He’s a guy that approaches these comps from a winning perspective and that’s exactly what would make him successful in any high level of competition it’d be a wake up call for the pro level.
CivMicheals 2 months ago
360 cam on your car next time you go drifting do it it would be cool
dave colquhoun
dave colquhoun 2 months ago
Other drivers are sliding the rubber off of there tires, you are smoking the rubber off of your tires, HAA HAA
Eric Seidel
Eric Seidel 2 months ago
you burn more your tires than your competitors (more smoke at least) why ?
Ninophobic 2 months ago
How do you get sponsored? Just got a z, threw what a could into it and I rip it every day. I really don’t vlog but I Just made a new Instagram
Pog Crohnie
Pog Crohnie 2 months ago
you are a savage
Darius Builds
Darius Builds 2 months ago
Good Job Benny Boy!
younginkd 2 months ago
the announcer killed me when he did that dave chappelle / howad dean BYAAAHHH!!! lmao
eiqquh 2 months ago
Silverboy005 2 months ago
And Ben was ripping congrats
Silverboy005 2 months ago
All this time not breaking down so bad it prevented you to finish a comp? Solid unit overall.
Justin Erickson
Justin Erickson 2 months ago
So cool Ben won! All those laps in that underpowered it* wagon with the bikini top flappin in the breeze payed off.
Rusty Tuned
Rusty Tuned 2 months ago
Always carry a spare alternator with an LS! Also swap the pulley for the correct size to slow it down. Goal is try to and keep it around 17k with stock pulleys they are seeing upwards of 22-24k @ 7-7500rpm engine speed.
matt hill
matt hill 2 months ago
Sucks that you went out like that, but it was awesome to see Ben brin it home
Trevor Leonard
Trevor Leonard 2 months ago
Green Z loser. Doesn't deserve to be in those competitions being a big baby!!!Way to go Ben !!!
Michael Hite
Michael Hite 2 months ago
Good thing you aren’t running the electric power steering pump anymore.
Mattyb123 2 months ago
bro you so should of won. so unlucky
Peter Cole
Peter Cole 2 months ago
That "On the Limiter" run was sick!!! That car is badass!!!!
Mr_naitsabes 2 months ago
Tip is to put a fresh jump pack on the battery when swapping the alternator or even borrowing someone else's battery and putting it in when you put the alternator in
Funkin Gonutz
Funkin Gonutz 2 months ago
Shoutout to Taylor's alternator for letting Ben win😉😉
Big Black Boykyn
Big Black Boykyn 2 months ago
Lol they tried to protest Ben's win when they're crashed into him
CryptonianKid BTC
CryptonianKid BTC 2 months ago
shoutouts to @gh0stfpv nice drone cam
Aidan Carter
Aidan Carter 2 months ago
Who here just finished watching Adam LZ’s video from this comp?
Bill's Discount Garage
awwwww Ben!!
Fabio Henriques
Fabio Henriques 2 months ago
The drone footage is awesome! Love how he gets close ups
Pedro Marques
Pedro Marques 2 months ago
Supercharge that LS. Get in contact with ProCharger, I'm sure they will sponsor you in some way and you will get the extra hp you need to keep up with the fastest cars of the line.
Matthew Styer
Matthew Styer 2 months ago
Great news for Ben!! Shame it wasn’t a one,two for ya both!!
Built By Kyle
Built By Kyle 2 months ago
Awesome video man! 🤙🏽
Jadajada 2 months ago
Our boy Taylor deserves a good tire sponsor
Frank Hagström
Frank Hagström 2 months ago
At least your tires won ;) (And stoked that Ben won of course!)
Andy Holburn
Andy Holburn 2 months ago
Well done Ben, great video Taylor
xProRenegade 2 months ago
consolation prize: Best sounding car at the whole event.
Mike Brown
Mike Brown 2 months ago
Wish it was you, but glad Ben ended up winning!!🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 My second choice to win!🤷🏻‍♂️😂👌🏻
Lucifer for the Street
Ben needs to split that 1000$ after he drove like it was his tires
Lucifer for the Street
Idk why but you look 10x more aggressive this year and I’m loving it
weston graham
weston graham 2 months ago
All that limiter and the alternator said ✌️
S R Castic
S R Castic 2 months ago
You need to get Cleetus to set you up with Nitto as a sponsor! How the hell does he have a sponsor but not you?
S R Castic
S R Castic 2 months ago
In competition, what is the goal of the lead car and the goal of the follow car and how are they different? Also, how are they scored and the winner decided?
Alex Williams
Alex Williams 2 months ago
Hell yeah Ben!
Darren Clarke
Darren Clarke 2 months ago
Congratulations Ben 👍🏻 , 🤞🏼for next time Taylor
Ascension 2 months ago
Please make a video explaining why are you compete on 15/16 inch tires with a v8 . I keep telling my friends to do the same but they won’t listen lol .
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 2 months ago
Because 17’s/18’s don’t really fit on a Miata.
Ryan Hoffmann
Ryan Hoffmann 2 months ago
Some tire company PLEASE SPONSOR TAYLOR! He is the man.
GreenBakers 2 months ago
Benny boy!
Joseph Cleary
Joseph Cleary 2 months ago
Was that Cleetus announcing during Ben's battle?? lol
guido heeling
guido heeling 2 months ago
if you have problems with the alternater going out frequently, try to put a bigger pully on it if the system can handle it, than the alternator runs less rpm and presumably brake a lot less
Bubba Brown
Bubba Brown 2 months ago
Congratulations Benny boy!
Nakiah 2 months ago
Dam if I was there I’d be swapping batteries with you every other run and have you hooked up to jumpers when staging.
rico reci
rico reci 2 months ago
It would have for sure been you and been in the final had the alternator not crapped out. But ohhh well that's how things go sometimes. Let's hope you'll have another chance at it or something similar!
Kenny Leal
Kenny Leal 2 months ago
Adam Bezucha
Adam Bezucha 2 months ago
in lead run you use handbrake too much :(
David Schmidt
David Schmidt 2 months ago
Amazing content! what happens when some hits you like that green z do they pay for the damage or is it just a loss?
CHPPII 2 months ago
The drone pilot is the real winner, great driving Taylor👍🏼
Nickk IRL
Nickk IRL 2 months ago
Ben, if you see this: I love you.
Ben Shenk
Ben Shenk 2 months ago
Sorry Taylor but congrats to your boy Ben 🤙
Mike Schuh
Mike Schuh 2 months ago
Congrats to Ben on the win. If the alternator don’t go out I do believe that you and Ben would have been the final 2. Always next and y’all drove great.
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 2 months ago
The drone footage is soooo sick.
Bear 2 months ago
I didn’t like that 2nd to last turn
Jason Lesage
Jason Lesage 2 months ago
@greenball_tires take a look at Taylor and the impact he’s making on the drifting community. You guys should collaborate on a drift spec tire!!!
That Euro Life
That Euro Life 2 months ago
I may not have a dope LS Miata like Taylor but I got the same cooler lol
Zach Ballzach
Zach Ballzach 2 months ago
The fpv shots made this video awesome! The in car footage is kinda boring cause you can't see what's going on...
Gh0st FPV
Gh0st FPV 2 months ago
Lol it’s not boring. I like how he’s using it, first the in car footage, then a reply with my footage, he has it real neat which I love.
Dean Coppini
Dean Coppini 2 months ago
Congratulations to Benny for the win! Good on him he deserves it, a shame about his door getting Munched tho
Berats Builds
Berats Builds 2 months ago
You had me in stitches when you silently said "my tires" when Ben started to absolutely destroy them in the finals 😆
Clayton Tilbrook
Clayton Tilbrook 2 months ago
The highs and lows! Great Ep!
Twarn does stuff
Twarn does stuff 2 months ago
That 13 vert is 🔥🔥🔥
RoadratEddie 2 months ago
At the beginning, you said it probably has 60-80- hp more.....Is there really any advantage to this for this type of competition?
dinho890i 2 months ago
You are a damn good drift driver man🤝
Ryan Sauer
Ryan Sauer 2 months ago
Love the comp idea, the track looks amazing to drift. Love the video, the spacing and amount of each POV in your editing feels really fine-ly tuned Love that BEN WON HIS FIRST DRIFT COMP (I know that you busy but would have loved to see more footage of ben-y bois rise to fame) Sorry that you car bugged out but this was a great video and series and you'll get them next time man :D
nooch8it 1
nooch8it 1 2 months ago
Drone footage is awesome.
Fawor 2 months ago
green Z going for protest..hmm, let me remember some actions from klutch kickers...drift hq standard? :D No skill, all won thru protest? :D
Robert Melendez
Robert Melendez 2 months ago
The drone footage is dope af
Jeffrey D
Jeffrey D 2 months ago
Pure passion and whole bunch of nervous energy..... let her rip brother...
rileyGdoggbeats 2 months ago
LESGOOO Ben! Happy for him. Just a thought Taylor, what about compiling some sort of folder of the main 'consumable' components that you don't normally carry. Maybe take a photo, list the part number, yada yada, so if you're in a similar situation again someone in your team can look at the folder and know exactly which part you need. Regardless, keep doing you my guy. Loving the content
Off Grid As
Off Grid As 2 months ago
Loved the fpv footage! And that Ben won
Rockbiter Hd
Rockbiter Hd 2 months ago
Ben congrats give him some support its not all about you we follow both great job Ben and thanks for smoking his tires
Peter Houston
Peter Houston 2 months ago
Why you dont do FD I have no idea mate, you'd be so good at the comps with some decent sponsorship behind ya
Quints86 2 months ago
Congrats Ben !!
lancer787 2 months ago
I wonder where Ben will find a replacement door
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 2 months ago
Luckily he’s already sourced one 😂
Nico_ e93_335i
Nico_ e93_335i 2 months ago
That's a bummer, but also a lesson! Thanks for the great drone footage! Dutch regards, Nico.
Paulo G
Paulo G 2 months ago
Why does your car make that much smoke from the tires than the others? Is it the kind of tire, the car set up or the driving style?
Paulo G
Paulo G 2 months ago
@Taylor Ray Tks for the answer. Drifting is not that popular here in Brazil. My fun with cars is off-reading. But since I like to work in my cars as well (specially considering that my off road truck is a Land Rover, probably the most unreliable car) I started viewing you channel. I learned a lot of thinks. Tks. As we sat in Brazil, living and learning.
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 2 months ago
Driving style and hearing. More wheel speed. More smoke. I run 3rd gear which at limiter is like 90mph while going maybe 30. The bigger the gap from car speed to wheel speed. And the more angle you’re at. The more smoke.
jerry henderson
jerry henderson 2 months ago
AC Delco ?