First big competition of the year and the LS3 miata lets me down big time. 

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We head up to Klutch Kickers for their 100k drift series that pays out more than $20,000 each round. The car should be more competitive than ever, and then we encounter a huge problem that stops us in our tracks.
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Mar 15, 2021




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Comments 100   
NISMO R32 27 days ago
learn how to tune rob dahm can do it and Jimmy oaks
Brice Jackson
Brice Jackson 29 days ago
did i miss an announcement video?!?!?
kurtis tharp
kurtis tharp 29 days ago
I tell you if a guy didn't know better, he'd say your car is having some stage fright
jcnpresser 29 days ago
You outta start data logging your runs, so you can review data each run if something starts acting funny. You got to watch out diagnosing uego’s “o2” sensors, if your just watching the afr’s you’ll screw your self, you gotta pay attention to the learned values, current, or voltage. You can go into the Holley and set where it doesn’t learn to far off the tune that’s set. Sounds like you’ve got a bad o2, but a bad map or tp sensor could cause similar issues.
Rattle Can Randy
Had a very similar problem happen with a buddies car. Ended up having the injectors checked and after they heated up a little they started not working properly
Alray Baca
Alray Baca Month ago
Taylor ray for the win at the freedom 500
Sharky's Garage - RC and More
Hit up Cletus, see if you can go test at the freedom factory.... ???
Wolf Rose
Wolf Rose Month ago
Im feeling its an issue with a dying sensor, cam angle sensor or bad MAF signal, something like that. Im just an internet mechanic but I feel like its a small issue causing a BIG problem.
Sylas Gissendaner
Injectors have been slowly clogging for a while and the holley just kept compensating with more fuel so it just kept running good for quite a while. At least it's good to know if you keep up on cleaning the injectors, and something does cause a partial blockage it will compensate for you to finish the day hopefully.
Ethan Miranda
Ethan Miranda Month ago
I think the wiring you have on your pump setup needs some tuning just sounds like you’re second pump isn’t working when you want it to the turns off after
Haha Haha
Haha Haha Month ago
Wasn’t there a track on forza 4 that was similar too this
Bling Designs
Bling Designs Month ago
Check to see if it has spun the reluctor wheel bro.
Carlos C
Carlos C Month ago
Taylor you need to give a tutorial on how you shape your beard
Obsessed Cars
Obsessed Cars Month ago
02 sensors my ls did it other week and change everything and ended up been 02 sensor
Cody Williams
Cody Williams Month ago
Injectors for sure. E85
Brandon Ponder
Brandon Ponder Month ago
Friendly reminder your harness expires in Jun 2021
Drd Month ago
As the car ends up sitting a bit between events, would it be worth while getting an ultrasonic cleaner to stick the injectors every so often? Not all that expensive.
mrfordfairmont Month ago
3:07 run you almost had a friend in your lap...
Lloyd the Mongol
Time for the centrifugal supercharger install. I think it would be more driveable w more power
Dolfie Month ago
Bummed out,you would of killed it.
King Treckie
King Treckie Month ago
hey taylor, big fan from uk, does barefoot ben have a yt channel? peace
Alexander David Jansen
You were messing with the fuell system right? It sounds like your second fuell pomp cuts out or something like that.
Garrett Absher
Garrett Absher Month ago
Look at the in-tank pump, filter and clean the tank. Then id say clean the injectors and go from there
Schiz Explosion
Schiz Explosion Month ago
I’m not saying this in a hater way, I’m just asking out of pure curiosity. Why do Americans build their cars so much and give themselves all these issues, not everything needs an LS😅
Schiz Explosion
Schiz Explosion Month ago
@Taylor Ray ah that’s sick man, I apologize what I meant to say was that quite a few people as a collective had issues and was just wanting to know more about the American drift ‘culture’.
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray Month ago
“All these issues” this car has been dead reliable for 3 years. I’ve had an alternator go bad. And now this. In 3 years of drifting twice a month. Man. So many issues 😂😅
ChrisEsposito Month ago
Hey can you show a video of your footwork next time ? that would be great . I have a 04 nb2 miata ive been building here in myrtle beach sc... Keep up the great work. Love the videos.
L B Month ago
Old school gear heads scratching their forehead when he says 5k isn't enough on a v8 lol
JDM crew
JDM crew Month ago
9:25 When you live a mile down the road from the track but you're stuck in your garage working on your own car and all you can hear is racecar noises
Harmon Garage
Harmon Garage Month ago
That sucks man, hope you figure the issues out quickly
Ya Boi
Ya Boi Month ago
Taylor’s my Biggest inspiration 100% he’s living the dream lifestyle
Jeremy Besong
Jeremy Besong Month ago
The whole time I was saying clogged injectors or filter .
Justin Kelly
Justin Kelly Month ago
What micron filter element are you running?
Briski Briski
Briski Briski Month ago
Props to Ben for finishing 5th, blue Miata hanging with the pro 1 & 2 cars .
sumguyntx80 Month ago
Wire them dang fuel pumps so they are both on all the time. Sounds like you are lean when you are only on one pump
ViZioN Month ago
Ls7 time
DuraMos 406
DuraMos 406 Month ago
Have you taken a look at your injectors? One or more may not be firing/plugged. E85 does attract water and you do live in humid Florida. Just an idea.
Leon van der Weide
Feel sorry for you man, i saw Adams vid earlier and thought "Hey, why didnt Taylor compete?" But on a positive note, Ben did a fantastic job and it shows how good of a guy you are by cheering for him instead of being bummed about your own stuff. Better luck next time, you'll get there!
driftkid101 Month ago
I wonder if the tps or pedal be a potential culprit
Tyler Month ago
Love your content man!
Kevin Major DMCC Driver
love the inside view 😁
Fire Ant
Fire Ant Month ago
I had blocked injectors on my 1uz v8 with that same style fuel filter you changed the other episodes, I swapped to a Bosch filter with finer paper in it sorted it out straight away stopped the crap getting out my tank to the injectors
eaglebrink Month ago
Maybe a problem with the knocksensor?? Or the injectors have a problem. If the knocksensor is a problem it would be adding or pulling fuel at the wrong time.. Or you could have a faulty ground...
Martin Wink
Martin Wink Month ago
Time to take the injectors to LZ and clean em there
Paul Forrester
Paul Forrester Month ago
Most likely injectors
Rear Engine Shop
Sucks the car didn’t want to cooperate. 👎 Congrats to Ben!
William Frye
William Frye Month ago
Bens an animal man! Sorry you broke but if all your problem is injectors you’re set!
Daniel Clanton
Daniel Clanton Month ago
What a bummer :( With all this high RPM driving is it a possibility that valve springs need to be replaced?
Grape4pe Month ago
Bad fuel maybe?
Midnight Attack
Midnight Attack Month ago
Yo taylor , my family and I are building from the scratch ECUs and tune high revving cars (and some turbo ones , supra mk4 and so on) , If you want hit me up , to give you some pointers and help you as much as I can , it will also help you to diagnose all of your problems.
Jay Dot Fox
Jay Dot Fox Month ago
Well done BEN !
Steve Beavers
Steve Beavers Month ago
I'm with Kevin, clogged injectors.
2to4 Month ago
I mean it sounds like a fueling problem.
Andy Miller
Andy Miller Month ago
Run the car down to Jeremy at Fasterproms. Toss er on the dyno and test test test till its gone.
T1bud 42
T1bud 42 Month ago
You need to test at the freedom factory or something.
Martin Wink
Martin Wink Month ago
LS people: banging limiter causes problems with timing and oiling Ben: nah im good
Rhysk94 Month ago
Check your ecu logs.....
Kyle Baker
Kyle Baker Month ago
I think it’s finally time for you to move on to a bigger car. Your constantly fixing shit on this Miata and it’s not gonna get much if any better than it already is. I think you have out grown the Miata sir.
Alan Passmore
Alan Passmore Month ago
I think the problem with the maita is the dohikkie, either that or she heard you talking about a corvette. 🤣🤣🤣
Raine Mandeville
hey taylor, might wanna get some new harnesses soon, idk if you've noticed but the fia sticker thing says jun 2021
_Machine_ Month ago
Hey shit happens sometimes man. But you always have a positive attitude on things.
Rinor Krasniqi
Rinor Krasniqi Month ago
Im so proud of ben 😇
Zach Ballzach
Zach Ballzach Month ago
Great video man!
John Simons
John Simons Month ago
That's what I like about you, you are straight up. Never blame on others, but you tell it like it is, you can not tune your car, so diagnosing is harder. And you are that type of guy that will invest in self educating it will be all good. Nice to see Ben do so well, congrats! Time to get Sandy aprove you and little guy to go to tuning school 🤣🤣 great content brother, greetings from Holland.
Mikunisan Month ago
Didn't James have issues with Holley not being grounded directly to the battery or something, if I picked it up right. Any chances thats the case here as well?
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray Month ago
I have mine directly grounded and powered. Always have.
Derald Thomas
Derald Thomas Month ago
I was watching the livestream trying to find you! Either way glad Ben 10 slayed the track hopefully you two can power your way to the finals and show all the FD drivers how grassroots mechanics get down
Drift Prince
Drift Prince Month ago
Ben holding it down !
Bryan Schwinn
Bryan Schwinn Month ago
Crazy how Adam runs a 315 and Taylor only runs a 245.
Mario Teston
Mario Teston Month ago
Bummed but not beatin. Taylor's the man. Back home to fix it yourself an back at it again.. ur competing against teams. It's always just you an a buddy or two.. were not judging you theres a reason were here buddy
Emi Month ago
"bens going, more important" thats a legit friend right there. who cares about your problems, cheer on your buddy =D
Michello Eights
Michello Eights Month ago
Maybe something is up with the pump that is fulling the fuel cell🤷🏿‍♂️......to me if the fuel filter is from the cell to the engine and it's that dirty, imagine the state of the original fuel tank and pump and maybe the filter as well.
Evan Peck
Evan Peck Month ago
churchbo Month ago
Support comment from Guam 🇬🇺
Pnw Ghost
Pnw Ghost Month ago
tine for some freedom factory testing until you figure out the issue!
Life behind the bars
Ben is a beast of a driver.. good on him!
Yeti Speed
Yeti Speed Month ago
Check your intake gaskets as well.
Robert Sterling
Robert Sterling Month ago
You should come out to the sr20 convention. There's gonna have alot of different sr20 powered vehicles there.. I'm bringing my Gtir and maybe my Infiniti g20 turbo. It's going to take part at the FIRM in Gainesville. Bring the gtir. Trust me you'll have a great time and you'll build a bond with this crazy and fun community.
Harry Johnson
Harry Johnson Month ago
Damn. I was hoping you would win so u could afford to build some walls for your garage
Harry Johnson
Harry Johnson Month ago
@xiukn8 On behalf of Taylors Balls, thank you. Now lets get back to you worrying about yourself
xiukn8 Month ago
@Harry Johnson maybe next time pay attention to what you watch and you will know why he still works „outside”. He mentioned that numerous times
Harry Johnson
Harry Johnson Month ago
@xiukn8 Ive never watched a single one. Thats how I didnt know he works on his cars outside
xiukn8 Month ago
@Harry Johnson idk, do you even watch his films? Or this is first one you see?
Harry Johnson
Harry Johnson Month ago
@xiukn8 Then why does he work outside?
Ian Leong
Ian Leong Month ago
is your lift pump keeping up with the surge tank
Nico_ e93_335i
Nico_ e93_335i Month ago
That's a bummer😔. Good luck at OSW. Dutch regards, Nico.
partymstr4 Month ago
Taylor, you need to remember K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) start from the full basics and try and check your new fuel pressure sensor you installed to see if its the delievery issue and if nothing is found to move to cleaning flow testing the injectors as well as flushing the fuel system with how much junk was in there when you serviced everything. then is couldnt hurt to check over all the wiring for loose connectors/wires in the connectors as well as checking ground cables everywhere.
Westie 4AGE Turbo.
Voltage issues, under load the volts drop and engine misfires. If you can log on the ecu, then log volts on diff points and i bet you have a droop under load. Worst case get a logging volt meter and make up a loom and keep in the cab, check volts under heavy load I do not think its a tune! The tune did not change!
Noah Dickerson
Noah Dickerson Month ago
Taylor, have you checked the timing with a manual gun? Maybe the timing can be off a bit? Idk much about the new motors, but I used to have to check the timing on my 350 small block on my old k5 all the time when I had it.
JackoTJK Month ago
Chuck the laptop on and log crank and cam angle sensors
1990Redline Month ago
That's a bummer, but you tried at least and you learned, at least something right.. also nice to see how well Ben did, he seems to not overthink and just commits and has fun and does what needs to be done, even if that means to hang in the limiter the whole track, love his driving! Also maybe you get yourself a injector cleaner so you always see if they work similar enough and are clean, gotta keep them in check when running E.. keep you're head up, it'll gonna work out and next time!
D T Month ago
now you see why a lot of bigger youtubers have injector cleaners
The Eturn
The Eturn Month ago
yo, that was really gracious of Taylor to pull out, so he doesnt wreck someone else. he will be back peace Eturn
Kris H
Kris H Month ago
One thing you can do is hook up with DRtuneEMalll
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera Month ago
You should retune maybe the new pumps is dumping too much fuel
Motorpolly Month ago
Build a real race car! 😇
Paul Fitzgibbon
Paul Fitzgibbon Month ago
Taylor, Maybe you should run some petrol (gas) through the engine at the end of a competition. I know all the drag racers here in Australia did that if they ran methanol, & E85 is an alcohol fuel with some petrol thrown in. You have to drain your tank of the E85, then run just enough gas to get the E85 all burnt off. You can (could) also get an additive here in Australia that would keep the fuel from going off & clogging the injectors. I've seen some very old methanol that was basically a jelly, the stupidity was it was being offered to a friend to run in his car (methanol burning VW beetle). Nasty words were said about the offer.
Baum Squad
Baum Squad Month ago
Please watch Kevin's video on how to properly put on your harness. Yours look really loose when you're driving. Just don't want you to get hurt! Love the channel.
Henry Darr
Henry Darr Month ago
I reckon this is the perfect opportunity to announce that you're installing a supercharger 🤙🏽
Chicken Mac
Chicken Mac Month ago
This is what happens when you don't do proper maintenance on your car and spend all your time building other cars. Clearly the injectors are blocked or your wiring is shot. At least it didn't catch fire like your other junker.
Spoon Al
Spoon Al Month ago
Sounded like the fuel pump was failing
xiukn8 Month ago
He put new pumps
Drew Greschuk
Drew Greschuk Month ago
Not sure if you know but Holley has a support line and they will stay with you for a good while fixing stuff
Shadetree Sirgen
CAMS Graphics
CAMS Graphics Month ago
hard luck Taylor, but yeah you had a good run, most m/sport crews replace and knuckle and bolt everything after an event
Ryan Wicks
Ryan Wicks Month ago
Needed freddy to help out bro
Mike Claridge
Mike Claridge Month ago
Go bennie boy thats amazing to see bad luck Taylor back to ksr keven will get it sorted lovd ya vidd bro chur chur from tauranga new Zealand
LivingLikeLarry Month ago
I love Ben man he’s like a nerdy guy that just throws down like a machine! Way to go man you are slaying it!
Francis Stone
Francis Stone Month ago
Check your power supply to the coils, could be a voltage drop issue. Also the harness plugs and pins
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