Cefiro K Swap Build. Redoing a lot of work to make it better 

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We take a couple steps back on the ultimate street drift car build in order to take a much better step forward and end up with a way nicer end result. Was it worth the effort?
Gingium - us-first.info/player/video/hqmXeoiCfqeAfac.html
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Cheap Plasma Cutter - amzn.to/3hJdbS7
Milwauke Tool Die Grinder - amzn.to/2MoAQu9
Milwaukee Tool Headlamp - amzn.to/2xUWthH
Small Milwaukee Flood Light - amzn.to/2Sf39Ox
Milwaukee Tool Underhood Light - amzn.to/3f5K6jw
Milwaukee Tool Mid Torque 1/2" Impact(2861-20) amzn.to/3b1bqwG
Milwaukee Tool Stubby 3/8" Impact (Small Most Used Tool)- amzn.to/2Jdirid
Milwauke Tool 3/8" Ratchet (Life Changing) - amzn.to/2JcpQhy
Milwaukee Tool 1/4" Ratchet - amzn.to/35VZM41
Milwaukee Tool Ratchet Wrenches - amzn.to/2CYRFKz
M12 Drill/Driver - amzn.to/35QVZoR
M18 Drill/Driver - amzn.to/2p6WuKJ
Gearwrench 3/8 Socket Set Mid Length (Very Nice Sockets) - amzn.to/2VnbMHm
Gearwrench 3/8 Socket Set Deep - amzn.to/3b1pFBH
Multiprocess Welder - amzn.to/3g6y5dK
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Feb 25, 2021




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bennettx44x 23 days ago
Taylor ! I never comment on anything but think of air flow as a liquid steady as possibly results in better flow the air is going to hit that end tank and stop the only reason its going to continue is because it has to its literally hitting a brick wall with a drain what you had at the beginning was much better thing of a funnel!!!!!
DirtbikeTherapy Month ago
I love how similar they sound
JesusWalkss Month ago
Blue is so sick! congrats
David Davis
David Davis Month ago
That Volvo is so manly it needs to shave twice a day
Jason Tamsett
Jason Tamsett Month ago
You can cut off the point, and cap it off.
Jason Tamsett
Jason Tamsett Month ago
Turbo the Miata.
willow m
willow m Month ago
Looks sweet but where are you gonna fit the B.O.V?
Chase Lunsford
Chase Lunsford Month ago
Blue is so cute!!! Taylor keep on keepin on, you truly are an inspiration to all of us.
Robert May
Robert May Month ago
Turbo LS is the truth!
Joseph Anderson
Joseph Anderson Month ago
He's not ur average soccer mom
JagerEinheit Month ago
@Taylor Ray , please look into Lupine dog gear. from leashes to collars etc, they all have a lifetime chew warranty. if blue chews on anything lupine , just take it back to your pet store, and swap it for a brand new one, no charge. saved me quite a bit of money when we were training my service dog. If you have any friends/ neighbors with a similarly sized dog to play with, or a female dog who has had babies, you can pair blue up with them, and they will "show him the ropes" so to speak on what is safe etc. if that isn't doable for w/e reason, it'll take a bit longer, but you'll get blue out of its shell with a bit more time. you may also see blue sticking close to sandy if they take to each other, and sandy may become the foster parent. good luck, and thank you for using a rescue.
sumochop360 Month ago
I wouldn't worry about the intercooler airflow to be honest its such a short distance I personally don't think it's going to matter for what you are doing. The more pipe you have the more concerned I'd be with a smooth transition but that tiny distance its just going to slam the air in there when you put the petal down.
AXIAL32 Month ago
Could possibly do a wider tank on the driverside, and round/smooth out the transition from the angle of the outlet back to outside of the tank.
Chris Slaughter
Chris Slaughter Month ago
Yo Taylor it’s been a couple days dude wya?
Trenton Churchill
Can’t believe how long I’ve been watching his US-first video never misses good shit
Bee Bee
Bee Bee Month ago
That looks like some major bad air flow.
partymstr4 Month ago
@Taylor Ray quick tip: if you ever have issues with drilling a large hole in something thing like that end tank you can use a piece of wood underneath to strengthen up the piece and then drill through just the work piece till you hit the wood. ( it looked kinda sketchy drilling that aluminum with the holesaw while clamped in the vice.)
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray Month ago
I actually did that on a project just yesterday. The pieces was just too small to clamp to a piece of wood.
Manny Marvelous
Manny Marvelous Month ago
29:51 me too man...
Hayden Long
Hayden Long Month ago
The seats in that 240 are beautiful still.... mine died by trail of sun
410 Garage
410 Garage Month ago
I feel like this channel has the most consistent views on each upload possible lol. Awesome videos
Andreas Eik
Andreas Eik Month ago
What the heck, was he actually wearing gloves at one point there? 😵
Clayton Tilbrook
Sorry but Blue sniffing the camera was my favourite part....
Nick K
Nick K Month ago
Do you still use your alphatig welder? Looking into buying one when i start my project car this summer
msaber1797 Month ago
What happened to your purple pocket knife
Critical Event
Critical Event Month ago
Did you see how bad Ebisu got wrecked in the earthquake? You ever planning to go back there?
McTw1st Month ago
running without BOV? or u planning on putting the BOV on the "new" endtank?
McTw1st Month ago
@Taylor Ray ah okay, im thinking of removing mine in my Evo 3 that just put down 540 to the wheels 😅
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray Month ago
Turbo has a built in bov
Vt Villain
Vt Villain Month ago
Taylor does this guy who owns Volvo have a channel
Patrick Moran
Patrick Moran Month ago
Thank you for another wonderful video and introducing Blue such sweet fur baby.
Daryl du Preez
Daryl du Preez Month ago
That Volvo is where I am at. Super sleeper
Marlita Smith
Marlita Smith Month ago
taylor have you ever considered fd
Jose Torres
Jose Torres Month ago
Can’t wait to see the truck
SRTabc123 Month ago
Maybe knocked that sharp angle off the top edge of the intercooler by the pipe and do like a faceted looking thing like a diamond. Might make it look a little better.
Timothy Gerber
Timothy Gerber Month ago
When bending material, halving the die size cubes the pressure required. Also, you need to make the die size large enough that you get a radius 1.5x the thickness of the material for optimal strength. Spreading those die blocks out would help you a ton. (ha)
Neckbeard Month ago
Yeah man, I agree with everyone, you should re do the other side on the inter cooler to match, and maybe use the 2 1/4 inlet like you were talking about
JJ Sosa
JJ Sosa Month ago
Well done man! Can’t wait to see her rip. Need more Blu content though😂😂
Zachery Martin
Zachery Martin Month ago
It’s crazy to think I started watching gingium when all he did was forza, and when Taylor just had the red miata with a turbo. Just so crazy how much has changed in a couple years
GSMMW Month ago
Thank you Taylor.
Dean Coppini
Dean Coppini Month ago
Blue is adorable! 10/10 good Boi Will be a mint shop dog buddy👌🏻
Andy Holloway
Andy Holloway Month ago
I lost my dog named blue last June and i had him before I started watching the channel. He was my homie man, welcome to the fam buddy!
CJ Yothers
CJ Yothers Month ago
Man, that volvo wagon has me just drooling all over my floor. That's my kind of build....
BNE Exotics
BNE Exotics Month ago
Fast becoming my favourite channel 👊😎
ZODIAK BBX Month ago
i dont know why you think it looks ugly, i think it looks alot better then the other one did, as well as it looks more high tech and expensive now.
Thank you JESUS
Thank you JESUS Month ago
I am so glad you decided to redo charge pipe. I didn't like it before. It looked cheap
Heights Kings
Heights Kings Month ago
Took me a minute to realize it was Gingium
Drew Payne
Drew Payne Month ago
i dpnt like the engine and im not familiar with the chassis but damn do i respect effort going into the fab work, keep it up man im learning from everything you do
rob Hilton
rob Hilton Month ago
Should of kept the old piping, now all the air hits a wall before going in.
Zak Naqvi
Zak Naqvi Month ago
Taylor about to start a turbo ls build after the cefiro Edit: shit i was right
Anthony Salinas
Anthony Salinas Month ago
I had to put my phone down to do something really quick and by the time i came back I was hearing Gingium talking and thought the video ended then saw he was with Taylor. Two of my favorite youtubers for sure.
Bald Paul
Bald Paul Month ago
Forgot to ask. Is the t56 just a take out or has it had anything done to it to handle 650hp?
Myles Laurin
Myles Laurin Month ago
bro, blu is literally THE cutest puppy ever we need more of him omg
Katalyst Month ago
hey taylor my girlfirnd is a dog trainer maybe we could help you. Let me know if interested
Bald Paul
Bald Paul Month ago
Blue looks like a lovely Doggo. My pup is nearly a year old and, after a lot of work, is what my mum calls a Velcro dog. Everywhere I go, she goes. Look forward to seeing more of Blue and Little Guy
10:42 if it work it works lmao! 👍🏽
John Brew
John Brew Month ago
On your pie cuts you should try doing almost a fusion weld with just enough filler rod (smallest rod diameter you can get) so the weld isn't concave.
Zenki FTW
Zenki FTW Month ago
This setup looks a lot better. 👍🏼
matthew postlewait
I like the new end tank... I think doing the same thing on the other side would be badass lookt
Simon Legros
Simon Legros Month ago
Good job but a gonna bet you will have trouble with coupler blowing of Coupler really don't like to be clamped in a bend alway put a straight section for the coupler to clamp on
DSR Month ago
Can’t wait for the turbo Silverado build!
Noah Anderson
Noah Anderson Month ago
Looking great man!
D Hyatt
D Hyatt Month ago
Being a subscriber of both these guys for many years, this is a collaboration I didn't know I needed! 😃
Aaron Herman
Aaron Herman Month ago
One of our dogs was a rescue from a shelter after he came in to them as a stray. Even after 2 years he's still nervous arou d people he doesn't know, but puppy classes,the dog park, and doggy daycare are your best bets for getting him some social interaction.
Brett Gump
Brett Gump Month ago
Ah the old bending the end tank the wrong way trick...throw in a puppy and they'll never know 😆😆😆
Brett Gump
Brett Gump 26 days ago
I'll watch in a higher definition before i comment next time, I'm a dick, sorry chap ✌ Lovely dog by the way.
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray Month ago
I didn’t bend it the wrong way? Camera died. Finished bending. Went in to get a camera battery and walk the puppy.
Brett Gump
Brett Gump Month ago
Ah the old bending the end tank the wrong way trick...throw in a puppy and they'll never know 😆😆😆
BigT_Money Month ago
beautiful puppy. hell make a great shop pup
William Davis
William Davis Month ago
Nice work man 👍
mard 95
mard 95 Month ago
sometimes it's how it performs Over how it looks
Andy Miller
Andy Miller Month ago
Saturday morning t-Ray is my new Saturday morning cartoons.
Joey Clark
Joey Clark Month ago
Love seeing more Volvo’s on US-first
Jason Haley
Jason Haley Month ago
BIG ASS radius on outside will make ya happy (end view like an exhaust clamp).
Jason James
Jason James Month ago
Yeah yeah, it's 2 1/2".... Is it in yet? Ok dang it, it is 2 1/4... We all want that extra quarter homie! 🤔🤣😂
sNiiPeZ_03 Month ago
Two of my favorite US-firstrs together in one video. Can’t get much better.
tankdog03 Month ago
Is the engine on hard mounts, theres no flex? Or does the cooler flex with the motor?
Craig Archer
Craig Archer Month ago
I had a Weimaraner for 12 years and my advice is to find a field where he can chase a frisbee! Mine was impossible to wear out walking. Even at 12! Congrats and good on u for adopting.
Bri Month ago
Its your car bro so you do whatever you want. but in my opinion it did look way better before. I just like the way it sort of flowed and wrapped around.
I AM Design Products
Gingium's face was so priceless lol like he couldn't believe how each gear kept instantly pulling harder
Mr_naitsabes Month ago
I feel like you could've welded the clamp to the throttle body and then just welded the pipe to the endtank
Zach Esteve
Zach Esteve Month ago
turbo ls the green truck and go drag racing
kevin bell
kevin bell Month ago
What kind of saw blade do you use on the circular saw to cut the aluminum sheets??
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray Month ago
Just a cheap carbide tipped one. Wood stuff usually will get you buy on aluminum since it’s so soft. But it throws some aggressive chips.
yellow2000SR Month ago
Should have used a 45° aluminum bend the sizecof your core thickness as your endtank for a nice smooth bend to the vbend.
Drewko Month ago
Thank you for changing that. 😎
Luis Daniel
Luis Daniel Month ago
FFAttack Month ago
That change was worth it! Looks so much better plus as you said takes full advantage of the v mount. Really enjoying this built. When are you getting the new shop sealed up? Jealous of the space lol.
josh stovall
josh stovall Month ago
I literally drew that trapezoid on a napkin but realized I have no social media or any way to tell you to fix it but excellent work!
Tyler Bauer
Tyler Bauer Month ago
gingium x taylor! awesome
XOZ Industries
XOZ Industries Month ago
You could always make a curved end tank, it doesn’t have to be flat at the end, just make it half moon shaped and pointed toward the intake manifold
XOZ Industries
XOZ Industries Month ago
Make sure you change your abrasive belts on your sander when changing from aluminum to steel to stainless, the material on the belt will contaminate your welds, that dog is super cute, I’m glad the suggestion worked out for you, it really bothered me the way it was, the new way was exactly what I had in mind.
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray Month ago
Yeah I have an aluminum stack and a steel stack now.
Nick Pohl
Nick Pohl Month ago
My 2 cense is the original way you had the inter cooler would of worked better do to reduce air drag going through the cooler. I liked the original version better. Your happiness is all that matters though. Keep grinding it’s coming along nicely. Gonna be sick!
Bro that fabrication 😮
Nath A
Nath A Month ago
tig welding is an addictive hobby... might have sounded like i was having a dig on my comment on the last video telling you to learn how to make pie cuts properly but i do like seeing your enthusiasm for what you're doing and watching you learn and play with new ideas. keep into it mate
Timothy Carter Jr
Mxngrel Mvgger
Mxngrel Mvgger Month ago
Dude the sound you made at 18:33 I'm crying haha, that's how you know its no joke fast.
Brandon Benko
Brandon Benko Month ago
Taylor, love the vids and awesome progress on this build. Just a suggestion on cleaning up the intercooler exit... Cut a piece of tubing lengthwise and use that in place of the squared off end of the tank. That should make it a smooth transition into the throttle body tubing.
NoahDBoss Month ago
this is the collab everyone wanted!
GRPABT1 Month ago
Don't be afraid to fab some curves. I doubt you want to redo it a third time but a few curves on that end tank would look way better.
ben clark
ben clark Month ago
Taylor, you've still got the other intercooler pipe can't you test the flow with both pipes!
Ryan Swiggart
Ryan Swiggart Month ago
My two favorite you tubers 🤙🏻😁
Woodie 2714
Woodie 2714 Month ago
Could you make something for your press with some thick steel pipe to put a more gentle radius in the aluminium?
Zachary Prosper
Zachary Prosper Month ago
But all that Work 💪👷🙄😒😪
Ray Zimmer
Ray Zimmer Month ago
I’m glad you rebuilt the end tank. I was kinda confused why you’d build your own intercooler from a core to have to build such an elaborate charge pipe. Also wanted to tell ya to get a harness for your puppy. It will be a huge benefit when it comes to walking him.
Fawor Month ago
do a boostleak test before tune. I assume this piping will not work as you plan, Taylor :)