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Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray
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Drifting is my life, and it is pretty much a part of everything I do. From building cars, to tow rigs to take them to the track, and the best part, the actual drifting.

We also do a budget build series where we pick a motorsport we want to do, and build an affordable car to go do it in!
Joe Edmondson
Joe Edmondson 6 hours ago
The door has a lot bigger of a flake size than the rest of the car
Joe Edmondson
Joe Edmondson 6 hours ago
Idk how long that sticker has been on there for, but that paint should have been strong enough to handle the removal of the sticker
baby jake
baby jake 8 hours ago
My cat tay tay is a clone of lil guy.
sal man
sal man 8 hours ago
fit with diesel engine cannot petrol engine
Kyle Dunkley
Kyle Dunkley 9 hours ago
A nice metallic navy blue for a car color
josh youngs
josh youngs 9 hours ago
What fans are you using?
Wisdxm 11 hours ago
RIP Ebisu
Jason Haley
Jason Haley 11 hours ago
Taylor, gotta use a descriptive thumbnail....then not say a word in an upload. We can all speculate where the jibber-jabber went!! Annahoo, what color ya thinkin? Recent model year vette blue is pretty fucki# cool (if ya dig blue).
Wyatt Shelton
Wyatt Shelton 12 hours ago
Holy shit its a cutting mask, the plastic foldy thing folds into a mask and the glass is an insert
Gary Wintrop
Gary Wintrop 12 hours ago
Michael O'keeffe
Michael O'keeffe 12 hours ago
Them hangers on the back will not hold the rear section it will slide all over the place, bend the round bar so more of a hook through the rubbers then weld onto the sides of the rear silencer that way it will allow the exhaust to move but will always stay centered
Emilio Daddario
Emilio Daddario 13 hours ago
Taylor I really love that color if you have the paint code to it id love to have it
Cameron Ludwig
Cameron Ludwig 13 hours ago
I guess 2420 :)
Josh Ehman
Josh Ehman 14 hours ago
the turbo inlet looks off !!! Make both sides of inter cooler look the same!!!!!!! love the channel
Scott Wheeler
Scott Wheeler 14 hours ago
I really hope you take this thing on drift week
jcnpresser 14 hours ago
Jolly reaper
Jolly reaper 15 hours ago
Ben had the comment of the year...."cant wait to spin out in front of you" thats hilarious
Chris Clarke
Chris Clarke 15 hours ago
Taylor where do you buy your stainless steel exhaust pipe?
Pgamer TBP
Pgamer TBP 15 hours ago
It should be an interesting scene seen Hert's gs300, LZ's jzx100 and your cefiro a31 (before you paint it) since they are almost the same color
LoveToDrive 16 hours ago
Are you adding a Bash Bar?? Front and rear??
Mando Unfiltered
Mando Unfiltered 16 hours ago
Blake Fox
Blake Fox 16 hours ago
I cant begin to say how much this helps
13th Legionnaries Indiana
I know you’ve prolly already thought of this but you should of went with oval pipe due to it having to cross over and clearance
1990Redline 19 hours ago
Dude you really need to start making the harness tho 😅 it sucks but it'll be worth it and I think having it running will be way more motivating for you and us as well
GoldFish Ninja
GoldFish Ninja 19 hours ago
Please get rid of that steering wheel.
James Panek
James Panek 21 hour ago
Was anyone else watching for snakes on the concrete in the background after the clip??? No? just me, okay carry on.
Daniel Ramsay
Daniel Ramsay 21 hour ago
Hope your going to ditch the fender flares.
Carl 23 hours ago
I’m so glad there was a sound clip of the Subaru in the background
Kooky K
Kooky K 23 hours ago
Holy crap i was 10 lbs off lets goo!!! Come at me nah but anyway enough jabering great vid bud!!
Kooky K
Kooky K 23 hours ago
2622 is my guess no spoilers stopped 3/4 thru vid lets see if im right
anthony jex
anthony jex 23 hours ago
Towing the cefiro with a lawnmower the most Florida man thing to happen on this channel 😂
Stinky Piece of Cheese
Camera work is horrible.
Shawn Benton
Shawn Benton Day ago
I want to buy some shirts from you, and I'm super picky when it comes to how t shirts fit me. I'm like 6 foot 1, about 178 pounds. Just curious what you'd suggest between a large and extra large.
Trevor Day ago
People do still put full exhaust on cars, you know!
Tyler Woodrum
I guess the weight to be 2696 of the car with everything
Scooter Trash
Still cheaper than buying a brand new truck and then you still gotta do half this stuff
Joseph Matuszak
As for Color ideas: Competition Yellow Mica or Montego Blue Metallic (Both Mazda colors) I would also maybe look up "hidden miata stripes gran turismo" for some easy to manage livery ideas *wink wink* PS: Could do some mix n' match - Like Silver Stone Metallic or Crystal White (Mazda Colors) with Hugger Orange Racing Stripes(Classic Chevrolet Color)
Tim Holubowitch
Coolest shit ever
Hell on Earth
Being a drift car I would dump it back under the car so it doesn't get damaged when you have a rear impact.
Dick Johnson
Dick Johnson Day ago
You are going to bottom out on that exhaust I would think you could see that .
Chris Guillaume
Cant wait to see her drifitng
Mike Vijandre
I wonder wht Paint Society has to say!? I wld think behind the scenes Bode Vision wld prep and paint those cars along the guidelines of wht Paint Society taught him as he's a Auto Body Painter at a Stealership.....
__ Day ago
I have genuine anxiety every time I see someone get under a lift and I can't see a shake test.... Just me?
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray Day ago
I shake test when i put a new car on for the first time. Past that I’m lifting from the same points everytime.
mcastro825 Day ago
Mmm i think it would of look better if you would of stuck out the exhaust tip out a little out of the car
Jerome Burrasca
Great video Broseph! Would you recommend this oiling system for a hardcore rock bouncer tube buggy? Think King of the Hammers all rounder.
Trey Hart
Trey Hart Day ago
I miss the fc😢
Xavier Mursalin
just pain the silencer black easy work
K M Day ago
That white hood makes me think that painting it white or perlescant white would be awesome
TheEmerty Day ago
The matching valve cover would set it off
Jake Daou
Jake Daou Day ago
paint the silencer black
danger ranger rob
What are you intensions with my daughter 0_0 lol taylor's exhaust
Jackie guy
Jackie guy Day ago
Everything good? Seem a little beat Taylor. Anyways, love the videos/cars and little guy.
Bruhh iv bin watching this on and off and I just read a comment saying he should make a shirt that says enough jibber jabber. Bro as soon as I hit play first thing he says is “enough jibber jabber”
TheGandorX Day ago
DOF = Degrees of freedom
Lowboi drifting
I honestly said that the cefire would be 2550 I was gobsmacked at 2587 🤣
Kelvin Wilmott
Loving this build, n your content is awesome. Also love your fc Rx7. I need a v8 rx in my live!!
How do you not have mosquitoes at night?
Mathew B
Mathew B Day ago
damnnn that weight was unexpected for real 🤙🔥🔥
baby jake
baby jake Day ago
Theres something with the o rings what blow out under boost. Ive seen pfi install drilled out washers to prevent this.
Nick Marquez
Nick Marquez Day ago
I was thinking 2650
Tony constantino
If you get a tarp make a frame out of 1 inch conduit you can make some windshields
uprawk13 Day ago
crafting such a nice exhaust and finishing it with that ebay muffler is not the move.
AldiAllday Performance
I’m a overthinker too, I’d prolly gusset that larger rear hanger just so not to worry bout it
Drew Selman
Drew Selman Day ago
Is there coolant in it? Water weighs like 7 pounds a gallon or something.. don't know how much the system holds but it will add a little
Nate Mathewson
Thank you for not killing the snake. Too many people immediately grab a shovel and chop em up. Breaks my heart.
William T.
William T. Day ago
Nice work Taylor. As far as the color, I really like the copper color it is now. Why change when it already looks great.
Themistere12 Day ago
To save a couple pounds u should swap the passenger seat with the driver when u upgrade to a bucket and it might feel better for the passenger aswell
Andrw Day ago
I think the weight is gonna be 2969
teddy andreyka
John Brew
John Brew Day ago
I'm happy you're doing the paid ads! I don't mind watching a few minutes of a sponsors product if it means you make more money!
John Brew
John Brew Day ago
@Taylor Ray Maybe also do a special "help build the shop" T-shirt like Cleetus did with the FF. I'd definitely buy one to help the cause.
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray Day ago
Gunna need it for a major shop thing that’s likely going to have to happen. Lol
Edward Biglang-awa
Adaptors 1/2 to 3/8, 1/4 to 3/8, etc
Rob D
Rob D Day ago
Great job, pretty good list for someone to start off with and build from there...
Jacob D
Jacob D Day ago
It boggles my mind how you don’t have at least 4m followers. So many people are missing out on the best damn channel there is!
Dont let bode vision repaint it lol
MinerGate Day ago
How did you not feel compelled to get a torch and burn that danger noodle
mat werry
mat werry Day ago
Hey Taylor, would very switch it up to a winters quick change rathe than the ford 8.8.... benefits for clutch kickers events would be awesome plus once the 8.8 is modified they're very similar in price
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray Day ago
The 8.8 was $40. And I already have spare axles and everything. My gear is actually pretty perfect for kk anyway.
Alex Williams
Geez big drop in weight
Ricardo Granados
Pretty happy with myself. Work on cars for myself and family/friends. I had literally every tool he showed except the cobra grips which ill be getting and a multimeter cause i suck at electronics and dont think ill ever use it or know how to. lol Maybe i need to open a shop.
Brett Hoffart
shoulda added an electric cut out perfect for your sleeper or street and play cars