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Taylor Ray
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Drifting is my life, and it is pretty much a part of everything I do. From building cars, to tow rigs to take them to the track, and the best part, the actual drifting.

We also do a budget build series where we pick a motorsport we want to do, and build an affordable car to go do it in!
Bruce Carey
Bruce Carey 20 hours ago
You really need to wrap the trailer black, with a logo on it like Taylor Ray-cing
temp errr
temp errr 21 hour ago
The trailer only streaks on that side because it’s on the same side as the exhaust for the truck
Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson 21 hour ago
use zip ties for weedeater string thank me later
Richard Knapp
Richard Knapp 21 hour ago
Weed wack first and get a bagger and blow out the leaves and lawn bagged does the rest!!
Martita Sharlow
Martita Sharlow 22 hours ago
Taylor in shorts and red shoes is funny when he always wear all black and long pants!
DAO Democracy
DAO Democracy 22 hours ago
dont leave vines growing they are like glue and will mess up entire house if left
Quartrmile MOPAR
Quartrmile MOPAR 23 hours ago
With all these dead batteries i thought this was a Boostedboiz video.
Gene Dalton
Gene Dalton 23 hours ago
I’m on week 1 of Keeps at 26 years old 🤣 & I used your promo code as well bud
Gene Dalton
Gene Dalton 22 hours ago
Yeah man it’s easy stuff my hairline isn’t that bad yet either but it’s on it’s way and I figured catch it while I can. It’s just a 1mg pill every morning pretty easy I’ll keep you updated 🤣
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 22 hours ago
Glad to hear it! I really need to start it myself 😂
Richard Burgess
Richard Burgess 23 hours ago
the air and the trees deposit all the dust and dirt onto the top of the trailer, the ground that you park the trailer on is slanted toward the trees. Thus, when the rain comes the water only runs off one side of the trailer, carrying all the dust and dirt from the top of the trailer. The trailer was the same way when you bought it, is merely a situational coincidence.
Vino Dompor
Vino Dompor Day ago
I thought this was sponsored by Keeps, looks more like Manscaped LOL
randoff32 Day ago
Why did the lawyer with a torn ACL still win the marathon? Because he had the power of a torn knee
What's the North Face Of?
I have lots of yard work to do myself but I'll sit here and watch you do yours first. Maybe I'll make a video out of it too?
Aj Ludick
Aj Ludick Day ago
It's from your truck's exhaust
Josiah Finz
Josiah Finz Day ago
this title gave me a stroke
OC Run
OC Run Day ago
Any sooner you would have crashed into those gas tanks.
You go hard man. Love the videos.
no name
no name Day ago
I had the same mower hit one too many pine cones and it broke through the deck if your ever near Jacksonville I have a brand new back tire on the rim still wrapped up and a few belts if I can find them
Andrew Cooke
Andrew Cooke Day ago
you know this is your garden? You can just rip out the stuff that makes no sense to you
Eric Duggins
Eric Duggins Day ago
best way to get bugs off is to get out early when there's still dew on it, wet a dryer sheet and use that to get them off then rinse real well.
Mitch Spirit Snkyn
Love the content dude
Eric Duggins
Eric Duggins Day ago
things are overgrown, weeds are growing, plants are dying parakeets heads are falling off!!!
That might be the side the water drains off of the most ? Is there some type of throw to the roof?
Randolph Hanson
The yard and rig look great Taylor
Black Beard Dave
Could be that the trailer is on a slight angle which makes all the water and dirt drain down the right side. The landing gear might be alil off causing it to lean to the right
Giovanni Mauro
Of all of the potential first (drift) cars, I was not expecting to be interested in a camaro.
Jack Giddens
Jack Giddens Day ago
What I found more satisfying is your outfit matched the mower 😂
Brendan Lambert
gave that tree on the sidewalk a circumcision
Hashtag Activist
The exhaust is on the side of the streaks on the trailer
William Schoenborn
Looks like they hit it with a forklift
GloStar 13
GloStar 13 Day ago
Ahh man I hope you keep little guy, or "little girl" I geuss, I enjoyed seeing the kitty on the channel
Ernests Tomenass
I would recommend you to buy scarificator for better lawn growth. Im using stihl rl 540(its gas powered). I live near beach in europe and we have moss growing under lawn. And aerator cuts/rips out the moss and dead lawn. Results are absolutely amazing.
Russell Culver
Me watching this 🥰 My long ass grass that needs mowed 😒
369 432
369 432 Day ago
I would mount my pump as close as I could to the rack or box. Keep in mind that you're losing response time and line pressure as you increase the pressure line length.
Peter Cole
Peter Cole Day ago
The check engine light on the Fummins always gives me a laugh...
Mitch Spirit Snkyn
Your content has definitely taken off 👌 I applaud the effort you put into your videos Taylor, I'm sure we all do 🙂
Adrian Matthews
Streaks like that start from the roof. I bet the trailer is sloped towards that side when it's parked up most often so that's where all the muck on the roof runs down when it's pouring.
kenny Irish
kenny Irish Day ago
Need a mulching kit for your mower. You'll love it The trailer roof is where all the dirt is. you forgot that part hahah
Mr. Fatty
Mr. Fatty Day ago
Need to wax the trailer with the Zep floor wax stuff and it will prevent the grime from building up again. Nice house and yard.
looks good well done
Akira Day ago
U know ur old when u start caring for grass 😅👌
could you not put up a tin roof car port where you park the trailer just to keep the rain off?
Andrew Fullarton
What about the top of the Trailer dosn't it get dirty up there?
William Schoenborn
Everyone will be trying to drift EV'S......
Cory Halvorson
Next episode of Taylor Ray "I'm starting a landscaping business"
Sydnee xxceasy
Lol dude said spiffy hahah
Sydnee xxceasy
Love seeing the girlfriend out there helping you is relationship goals. Like yo babe want to help me clean the trailer and truck. And she does. That'd lit
gullreefclub Day ago
Don’t know if the 2-3 minutes I watched this video does anything for this channel but if I want to watch someone do lawn care than I watch myself. I pretty much watch every video that TR posts buy at lawn care I have to draw the line, Hell I don’t watch Cleetus mowing the grass at the Freedom Factory, now Alan the lawn care nut well that’s another story but again I limit it to the Freedom Factory or something special because I don’t live in Florida and St Augustine grass which is his (Alan’s) thing is pretty much a Florida thing. See you TR on the next video you post about Motorsports
Badbuildt Trap
loved watching this vid :)
Tye Harrell
Tye Harrell Day ago
Led’s are no good for the 7.3 they mess with the computer in bad ways. especially if you have a automatic transmission
Thom Donnelly
Passenger side was worse because of your exhaust from truck. Diesel life.
Andrew Warren
Very satisfying To Watch T.R 👊👌
William Schoenborn
I had to google old pictures of my house to find out what was planted. Everything else I pulled out...
csorrows Day ago
It's only on that side because of your exhaust....
Cole Sanders
Cole Sanders Day ago
Get the trailer ceramic coated!
Dasha Hearne
Dasha Hearne Day ago
The What is this at the start , i am pretty sure is an Avocado.
scroeffie Day ago
worst thing about sim racing is the settings
Eli Dozier
Eli Dozier Day ago
I bet the streaking on the one side happens more because of the trucks exhaust.
Trenton Nethercutt
Anyone else hear Metallica at around 14:18
Cole Guillory
Hey Taylor ima farmer and we have miles of water lines and we use the blue pvc glue because the clear you used always never held, idk if it would help but just a tip for pvc projects
drew collins
drew collins Day ago
My kind of video there are plenty of law keeping videos on US-first if you want help with that brown patch and getting that nasty crabgrass out of the lawn. Have a good day bro
Andrew Wilson
Wonder if the streaks could be coming from the exhaust? Since the exhaust pipe is on that side.
Ongoing Projects
The tree at 50 seconds in is a loquat fruit tree by the looks
Harold D
Harold D Day ago
I just bought a house in Florida too and I’ve learned so much about grass and lawn care that I never knew I ever would. Now whenever I see a nice lawn I have a new appreciation for the work it takes. I’m also a sprinkler system repair expert 😂. I’ve done everything from repairing in ground broken lines to wiring in a new timer. Being a homeowner gets expensive fast even if you DIY.
milehighice Day ago
Your exhaust seems to be on that side of the trailer could be the issue???
Josh Howard
Josh Howard Day ago
When you're done mowing to clean the driveway (concrete part) drop the deck low to the ground and run the blades with the deck facing the yard. This will be a quick way to "leaf blow" the clippings, and it's a quick easy thing to do while you're already on the mower. Also, the home property videos are great!
Gs Manny
Gs Manny Day ago
Make a metal plate or wood for the trunk and bolt a battery tie down
lunchboxjoeb Day ago
water in the evenings... you'll get better results. let the water get soaked up before the sun hits it.
Steve Day ago
For better grass distribution when it’s tall, lift up the flap! Keeps it from getting clumped up and makes the yard look tons better.
Fast Ohio
Fast Ohio Day ago
You should make a gravel pad for your trailers
Ryan Zenzen
Ryan Zenzen Day ago
Spray the trailer down with some spray & rinse wax, the aluminum oxidation is leaving the streaks.
Elizabeth Bustamante
nice century plant you have there by your front door. i believe those century plants are suppose to be by your front door for goodluck
Trace Hamrick
Speaking from experience, go ahead and order about 10-15 of the Bessey style clamps in variable sizes... just wanna also inform you that you are about to be so spoiled that working on a regular table will now frustrate you 😂
Jake Jaskiewicz
That wasn't glue it was just picked primer to soften the material need a glue on it
Charlie Christian
I literally ain't even mad about video sponsors, subtle little preview sneak at the end they're kind of made me completely forget about product placement now I'm getting excited to hear about what the heck is going to be coming out of that garage coming up here, keep it up bro Rock on
Eric Mason
Eric Mason Day ago
watching taylor mow in circles and not make proper passes hurt my lawn mowing soul
maxpat82 Day ago
trailer must have been park on an incline spot to only have streaks only on one side
diarb b
diarb b Day ago
Bit of oil or grease on the hedge trimmer bars will make it smoother and quieter
Kenneth Mc
Kenneth Mc Day ago
I agree, you have to match your yard tools to power tools now. All my tools were Dewalt 20v, so I picked up the 20v hedge trimmer. It was amazing. I then bought their 20v walk behind mower. I can not make this up, the thing self propels BACKWARDS. Returned it for a honda promptly.
Mitchell BARNES
You need to airbag the fummins so you can level it when towing the enclosed trailer
dominic Honigfort
You should really remove the vines from your house they will grow in to your stucco and ruin it. Otherwise it looks great 👍 👌